Zack Snyder's Justice League: Fan Spots Flash Difference in New Trailer

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Ezra Miller as The Flash

After the commercial disappointment of 2017's Justice League, fans quickly campaigned for Zack Snyder's version of the film to be released. Along with the grassroots campaign led by the loyal fan base, Snyder joined the movement by providing more details on how his version is far different from what fans saw in theaters. 

Ultimately, fans got their wish last May when it was officially announced that Zack Snyder's Justice League will be released on HBO Max next year. Since then, Snyder has been using his social media accounts to tease fans of what to expect, promising more surprises that have yet to be uncovered. 

The high point of those teases is the eventual release of the Snyder Cut trailers, showing off the different tone and character beats that the director's version will highlight over the four-part series. Now, an eagle-eyed fan may have uncovered a key difference from the trailers that were already released, potentially highlighting one of the heroes' impressive skill set.  


Reddit user Star_Lord1997 unearthed a notable difference from the newly-released Snyder Cut trailer to the DC FanDome teaser. The scene revolved around Ezra Miller's The Flash running in super speed during the final battle of Justice League, with the fan pointing out that the new trailer showcased updated visual effects to the aforementioned sequence. 

During the previous trailer, Flash was seen stopping to a halt when he saw that his surroundings were changing, and his costume was still visible during the ordeal. However, the updated VFX work that was integrated into the new trailer shows Flash slowly disappearing, potentially hinting that the DC hero is traveling through time. 

Flash in Justice League
Zack Snyder's Justice League



Based on this reveal, it appears that Snyder is slowly showcasing some integral plot points for his version visually. During DC FanDome, the director previously teased that fans will "see something" with Flash in his version that he doesn't "think you've seen before" while also pointing out that "quantum" background of the character:

"You're going to see something with Flash in this film I don't think you've seen before ... He's a quantum character. He interacts with time and space."

By connecting the dots, there's a strong chance that this specific sequence from the trailer is the exact moment where Flash (accidentally) discovers time travel, and the visual cue of him slowly disappearing could very well lead to a do-over of the final battle.

Moreover, previous evidence strongly supports this speculation. During the fan campaign for the Snyder Cut, the visionary director shared a storyboard image of the exact scene above, providing a glimpse of the time-travel capabilities of the DC speedster. On top of that, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice already highlighted Flash's time-travel ability, so there's more reason to believe that Snyder will continue this plot point in his cut of Justice League

Whatever the case, The Flash's time-travel ability has long been teased by Snyder as an integral part of his DCEU plans, and his cut of Justice League could provide a springboard for that plot point to be expanded further. 

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