Zack Snyder Reveals Another Justice League Trailer Is Coming

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The DC Extended Universe is inching closer to its return with only a few days remaining until Wonder Woman 1984 debuts in theaters and exclusively streaming on HBO Max. While this canon DCEU sequel closes out a 2020 that has seen no new major superhero releases since February's Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, 2021 will bring the highly anticipated release of Zack Snyder's Director's Cut of Justice League in March.

Although Zack Snyder has been consistent about giving looks behind the scenes into his process of making the movie and teasing how the plot will be different from the original movie, only two (similarly cut) trailers have released thus far. As the release date draws nearer, questions are arising as to when another trailer may release before the full movie comes to HBO Max.

The answer may be arriving in the near future if Zack Snyder is to be believed in his latest social media blast.


In a new interaction on Reddit, a fan asked Justice League director Zack Snyder when the world can expect a second trailer for the Snyder Cut, expressing crying emojis with "we're dying to get it." While no specific timeframe was given, Snyder revealed that he is "working on it."

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Two trailers have been released since the film's blockbuster panel at this summer's virtual DC FanDome event, although they both used almost all of the same footage. With the Snyder Cut's release now only about three months away, the desire for anything new that's not spoilery is clearly heightening by the day.

Fans all over the world have dissected every frame of the footage that has gone public to this point, even finding obscure Easter Eggs relating back to Snyder's past work in the DCEU, all while Snyder himself has continued to share looks at the editing room and tease some of the new content of the Snyder Cut. The best guess right now is that Warner Bros. is fully invested into the promotional tour for Wonder Woman 1984, which will arrive in just about one week in the U.S., and more material for the Snyder Cut will go public once the general populous has a chance to soak in everything from Gal Gadot's sequel.

With 2021 coming so soon, the hype for the Snyder Cut's release grows more intense and prominent with every new bit of information surrounding the movie. The four-hour epic will make its grand arrival in March 2021, and fans will be happy to know that one last full trailer will be coming to give more hints at the movie.

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