The Snyder Cut of Justice League: All the Reveals & Details from DC FanDome

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DC FanDome is well underway, with fans all over the world tuning in for in-depth first looks at a plethora of DC content on the horzion. As the virtual home for everything coming from DC Films and DC TV over the next few years, it's proven to be a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, allowing fans everywhere to join in on the fun.

Since its announcement earlier this year , the coverage surrounding Zack Snyder's director's cut of 2017's Justice League has been constant, only elevated after the alarming news of the toxic environment on set following Joss Whedon taking over production. The panel for this highly anticipated new feature on HBO Max is underway, and here's all the reveals given to the fans.


The DC FanDome Panel for Zack Snyder's Justice League is underway, giving fans a first official look at what's in store when the anticipated film hits HBO Max in 2021, with Zack Snyder himself joining in for all the reveals.

Fans were treated first to an up close behind-the-scenes featurette, showcasing Zack Snyder's time working on his Justice League film:

To begin the panel, the cast of Justice League themselves tuned in to ask the submitted fan questions, to which Zack Snyder answered that his favorite superhero of all time (besides Batman) is Dr. Manhattan.

Snyder revealed that the character he is most excited to explore more in his version of the film is Cyborg, as he believes that the character is the heart of the story that in essence helps bring all of the Justice League together.

Snyder confirmed that fans will see "a ton more" of Ezra Miller's Flash, and they will get to see "a little more of his emotional arc" in his director's cut.

Without revealing too many spoilers, Snyder mentioned that fans will see something significant with Flash in his film. "You're going to see something with Flash in this film I don't think you've seen before ... He's a quantum character. He interacts with time and space."

After answering fan questions, Zack Snyder turned the tables and took the opportunity to pose questions to the fans themselves, noting their passion in petitioning for the Snyder Cut to be released, and finally seeing it come to frution.

Fans emphasized how after viewing the first theatrical cut, they felt that there had to be more that was left unseen in regards to Snyder's creative vision, and collaborated to push for that vision brought to life.

Snyder mentioned that he embraced the moments where he revealed on social media a sneek peak or new behind-the-scenes look at his version of the film, as it made him take part in the fan energy pushing for his cut to be released. Like many of the fans, Snyder himself got emotional when he got the news of his director's cut announcement.

Snyder confirmed that his film "Will be four parts, one hour each." To the international fans, he reassured them to not worry if they don't have access to HBO Max, as Snyder and his team are working on a distribution plan to ensure all fans worldwide get to view the film.

To end the panel, Zack Snyder officially unveiled the trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League , showcasing new footage of each of the Justice League members and most notably the first look at the young version of Darkseid:


The Snyder Cut Justice League panel revealed plenty of new details on the upcoming HBO Max film, naturally confirmed by the director himself. Aside from the known fact that his cut will include a significant amount of new scenes and footage, Snyder's panel made it notable that the fans will see an expanded role for both Cyborg and Flash in his film.

The Flash will illustrate some newfound abilities, interacting with space and time, and fans will also see more of an emotical arc from him. Meanwhile, Cyborg's role is meant to be expanded to be the "heart" of the story, bringing the Justice League together.

Among the notable confirmations was that the Snyder Cut will be in total four hours long, released in four parts with each being one hour in length. In essence, the released version is somewhat like a mini-series, and the four hour runtime is evident that Zack Snyder wants all footage included that truly brings his creative vision to the screen.

Whether it was the run time confirmation or the part of the panel with Snyder interacting with his fans, its clear that this project is truly meaningful to him. After years of waiting, his vision will be seen by fans come 2021, just be sure to block off four hours of your day accordingly.

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