YourRAGE Eye Injury Update Shared by Streamer: What Happened?

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Yourrage Eye injury

YourRAGE, a famous Twitch streamer, provided a major update about his eye injury in a new video. 

Aside from Twitch, YourRAGE is also a YouTuber and Kick live streamer known for pranks and other wacky antics on social media. YourRAGE has more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and over 280,000 followers on Kick. 

What Happened to Yourrage? Eye Injury Explained

YourRAGE with an eyepatch looking tough

While hosting a "Lumberjack stream" on Kick last July 3, YourRAGE's eye was struck by an axe after it broke and flew in his face, injuring his eye.

Immediately after the unfortunate incident, YourRAGE asked his cameraman to get him to a hospital while claiming he couldn't see out of his eye. His stream was then cut short:

"I'm blind. I'm bleeding. I need a hospital! I need a hospital! I need a hospital, bro! I lost my eye. I lost my eye! I promise you. I promise you! Ah! I'm not lying!"

Plaqueboymax then provided a brief update about YourRAGE's condition on his July 5th Twitch stream, saying, "He cannot see out of the eye. The eye is swollen on the inside."

On July 7, YourRAGE shared a 15-minute YouTube video to give an update about his condition, explaining what happened after he left his stream during the tragic incident. 

YourRAGE admitted that it was his fault for not wearing any safety equipment prior to his stream involving the axe:

"I thought this was about to be a quick little 20-30 minute stream, right? I have no excuses by the way, it’s my dumbass fault for not wearing any goggles."

The content creator also said that all of it "happened quick as hell:"

"It happened so fast. I thought I axed myself, do you feel me? I thought the top of the axe hit my eye, I didn’t know it was the bottom. That’s how fast, like it happened quick as hell... I tried to open [my eye,] I [saw] nothing but blackness, I saw dark. I start panicking."

He also opened up about waiting for two hours in the hospital before someone cleaned his injury:

"I am sitting in that hospital in agonizing pain making all types of sounds, blood coming out of my head, out my eye, for two hours 'till somebody came to clean my eye up, bro. By the time they came, the blood was dried, crusted up."

The Twitch streamer explained that the doctors sent him home after being initially treated on the day of the injury and told him to take some Ibuprofen.

Feeling that the initial treatment was not right, YourRAGE, whose real name is Josh, shared that they went to an optometrist the next day to get his eye treated but the doctor recommended to go to an opthalmologist instead: 

"We go over to the optometrist. Long story short - [the doctor] is looking up in my eye in a machine and I see him jump and then he drops everything. He goes over to the phone [saying] ''[We] got an emergency patient, he needs you now."

Upon visiting the opthalmologist, he shared more details about what happened, noting that the diagnosis was there was "a lot of inflammation in [his] cornea:"

"We go over to the opthalmologist. They juice up my eye, they liquify my eye, putting all types of squirting, all types of s**t, all up in my eye. Like 10 different drops in my eye. Looking through the eye with the machine; basically said... a lot of inflammation in my cornea. But - my retina and my optical nerve, something, that's really damaged. Right? And, that's going to need a lot of time to heal. It's bad."

Even though it will take a lot of time for his eye to heal, YourRAGE revealed that his doctor told him that he got lucky: 

"But he said I am so goddamn lucky that this isn't 100% just GGs to your eyeball. He said I better pray to God, I am lucky as hell."

YourRAGE ended the video by reassuring his followers that his vision will slowly come back as the bruising and the inflammation go down with the help of treatment and medicine:

“As the bruising and the swelling, all the inflammation, as that goes down, and as my eye heals, my vision should slowly come back day by day. I'm just praying that that's what it is. That's all it needs. This is, hands down, the scariest injury I've ever had in my life."

YourRAGE then gave an update about his current condition, pointing out that the swelling has gone down: 

"Swelling-wise, it has gotten a lot better... The swelling has gone down. I'm just waiting for the bruising and all that to heal. [It's] still swelled up a little bit, but all we got to do is wait."

While he is on the road to recovery, the content creator promised fans that he would be back to stream as soon as his eye heals: 

"I’ll be back with the next update whenever I can. I want to stream [so] bad, I’m really trying to stream. I want to get back to streaming as soon as possible."

YourRAGE can be found on his YouTube (@YourRAGEGaming), Instagram (@yourrage), Twitch (@yourragegaming), and Kick (@yourRAGE) profiles.

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