Who Is Lauren from The Circle Season 6? 3 Things to Know About Lauren 'Shiraa' LaChant

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Lauren from The Circle Season 6

The Circle recently premiered its sixth season on Netflix, and former streamer Lauren LaChant is among the new contestants. 

Who Is The Circle Season 6's Lauren LaChant?

Lauren LaChant
Lauren LaChant

26-year-old Lauren LaChant hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her bio on The Circle dubbing her as a "Virgo girlie." While her exact birthday is unknown, her Virgo star sign places it somewhere between August 23 and September 22:

"Virgo girlie, obsessed with anime, video games, and a good drag show! Ex-Twitch streamer that loves meeting new people and making everyone laugh."

Lauren's Twitch & YouTube Era

Lauren LaChant is a former Twitch creator who used to stream regularly but has since closed her account on the platform. Live on Twitch, LaChant would often spend much of her days streaming games such as Fortnite to her audiences.

In her intro on The Circle, Lauren declared herself as a nerd who often spends 10 hours daily playing games, which undoubtedly spawned her old streaming career.

Speaking in her first video on YouTube in January 2024, Lauren explained how she had long been looking to start posting on the platform and had been using Twitch as an outlet for that as she "didn't want to sit down and make scripts:"

"I've been struggling to post YouTube videos for like four years now, maybe even longer. I was a Twitch streamer for a while and I feel like I did that as an outlet because I wanted to make YouTube videos but I didn't want to sit down and make scripts, so I was a streamer. I would just sit and play video games and talk, but now I realize that's not for me..."

Lauren's Anime Fandom

Once again speaking on the Netflix reality series, Lauren revealed she is a "big cosplayer" who has often attended anime conventions. 

Just a few examples she gave included conventions for bronies (male fans of My Little Pony) and furries (those with a strong interest in anthropomorphic animals).

Lauren's Romantic Life

While making her profile for The Circle, Lauren revealed she was recently single and labeled herself as "super single." 

She went on to share her desire to meet some attractive people on the show before describing how "her just talking to people comes off as flirting."

How to Follow Lauren LaChant Online

Those looking to follow Lauren LaChant online can find her posting on Instagram (@laurenshiraa) and X (@laurenshiraa), with video content posted on TikTok (@itsyasquirrellauren) and YouTube (@laurenshiraa).

While Lauren used to regularly stream video games on Twitch too, her account has since been closed as she puts those days to history.

The Circle is streaming now on Netflix. 

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