Young Sheldon Season 7 Gets Promising Production Update Amid Delays

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Young Sheldon, the popular The Big Bang Theory spin-off, has been given an uplifting production update, signaling a beacon of hope amidst a cloud of uncertainty caused by ongoing Hollywood writers and actors strikes.

The Big Bang Theory spinoff, which delves into the life of the younger version of Sheldon Cooper before he encounters his iconic posse from the main show, has been caught in this industry-wide deadlock.

In March 2021, CBS gave Young Sheldon a three-season renewal, with Season 7 serving as the last of that three-year order. Development for the upcoming season was halted due to the Hollywood strikes, leading to its eventual delay. 

Young Sheldon Season 7 Receives Exciting Production Update

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Deadline shared that Young Sheldon Season 7's writer's room is set to open again following delays in its development due to the Hollywood writers' strike by the Writers Guild of America. 

Young Sheldon writer Connor Kilpatrick also shared an image of her on the WB lot, indicating that work on the next season of Young Sheldon has officially begun!

An additional hurdle the next season of Young Sheldon faces is the ongoing actor's strike, which has yet to be resolved. The writer's strike ending means work can begin on the next season, but none of the actors will be able to begin filming until the SAG-AFTRA strike has concluded.

Aside from The Big Bang Theory spin-off, other shows that are set to open their respective writer's room are ABC's Abbott Elementary, The Cleaning Lady, Max's The Sex Lives of College Girls, Fox's Rescue: Hi-Surf, Fox Entertainment's Animal Control and Sony TV and Fox Entertainment's Alert

At this point, it is unknown when Season 7 will premiere. However, this report lines up with Missy actress Raegan Revord's response to a fan on Instagram in September that work would begin "when the strike is over."

When Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Release?

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The fact that development on the writer's room for Young Sheldon Season 7 is set to begin serves as an important step in finding out when the show will return to the small screen. 

As of writing, Season 7 currently has no premiere date despite a listing from Deadline saying that it is part of CBS' fall 2023-2024 schedule. 

Given that work is only just starting, it's safe to assume that the upcoming season will premiere in the network's fall schedule next year at the earliest. 

Meanwhile, there are rumblings about Young Sheldon being the potential final season as the upcoming events of Season 7 are set to line up with The Big Bang Theory lore. 

For those unaware, Sheldon will turn 14 in Season 7, and Big Bang Theory fans know that this is a significant time in the character's life. 

When Sheldon is around 14, Big Bang fans may recall that this was when George cheats on Mary, George dies, and Sheldon moves from Texas to Pasadena to begin his graduate studies at CalTech University. 

While it's possible that the creatives could find a way to extend Young Sheldon to Season 8, there's a strong chance that most, if not all, of the said events in Sheldon's life, will happen in Season 7, meaning that it could be the show's swan-song.

Young Sheldon is available to stream on Max.

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