Full Cast of Young Sheldon Season 7 - Every Main Character & Actor In Final 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon cast members

Here is every major character and actor in the cast of Young Sheldon Season 7.

After delays due to the Hollywood strikes, Young Sheldon is finally back for its seventh and final season on CBS where it will continue to explore the genius scientist's childhood in Texas many years before The Big Bang Theory.

Every Main Actor & Character in Young Sheldon Season 7

Iain Armitage - Sheldon Cooper

Young Sheldon, Iain Armitage - Sheldon Cooper

Iain Armitage boarded Young Sheldon with Season 1 at just nine years old, and now, throughout The Big Bang Theory prequel, he has grown up with the character to now be 15 years old.

The seven seasons of Young Sheldon have taken Sheldon from his first day at high school to college to studying abroad in Germany. As of now, Sheldon is still out of the country with his mother Mary, but there is no doubt they will be returning to Texas early in Season 7 after a disastrous tornado. 

Who knows what will be coming up for Sheldon in Season 7, but he could find himself losing his father and possibly making his move to Pasadena, California to begin his studies at Caltech where he will go on to work in his adult life.

At such a young age, Parson has also appeared in Big Little Lies, Scoob, and The Paw Patrol Movie. One can only wonder where his career will go next after headlining seven seasons of a major cable comedy.

Raegan Revord - Missy Cooper

Young Sheldon, Raegan Revord - Missy Cooper

Raegan Revord returns as Sheldon's twin sister Missy Cooper, one of the mainstays of Young Sheldon who has been around since the start. Missy has certainly been through plenty of ups and downs with her family, from jealousy of her brother's attention to finding glory on the baseball field.

Sheldon and Missy parted on a rather tense note last season after the former ratted her out to their parents for sneaking out and smoking. This was just the latest in her rebellious streak that will undoubtedly continue in Season 7, but one can only hope the Cooper twins can rekindle their bond.

Revord previously appeared in two episodes of Modern Family and has also featured in Alexa & Katie, Teachers, and Grace and Frankie.

Montana Jordan - Georgie Cooper

Young Sheldon, Montana Jordan - Georgie Cooper

Georgie Cooper, played by Montana Jordan, faced some major life events in Season 6 with the birth of his first son and his long-awaited engagement to the mother, Mandy McAllister, in the latest finale.

Fortunately for Young Sheldon fans Season 7 will not be the last they see of Georgie and Mandy, as the couple is set to lead a new multi-camera spin-off focused on their lives as new parents. The series was reportedly nearing a direct-to-series order in January, but a release window is unclear - via Variety.

Currently, Mandy and Georgie are still living in the Cooper residence, but Season 7 may well include their wedding and move-out into their own home, laying the groundwork for the upcoming family-centric spin-off.

Jordan's only acting credit outside of Young Sheldon and his The Big Bang Theory cameo came in a 2018 Netflix movie, The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.

Zoe Perry - Mary Cooper

Young Sheldon, Zoe Perry - Mary Cooper

The loving, faithful, and religious Cooper family matriarch Mary is brought to life in Young Sheldon by Zoe Perry, who interestingly is the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who played the character in present-day in The Big Bang Theory.

In Season 6, Mary will undoubtedly have plenty on her plate while currently living in Germany with Sheldon. For one, she will certainly want to get back to Texas quickly after learning how a tornado has ravaged her mother's home.

And once she gets back, after being thrilled by the news of Georgie and Mandy's engagement, it wouldn't be shocking to see her take a rather involved role in the wedding planning, particularly in ensuring it follows Baptist traditions.

Other roles played by Perry include appearances in The Family, Scandal, NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and more.

Lance Barber - George Cooper Sr.

Young Sheldon, Lance Barber - George Cooper Sr.

Lance Barber will return as George Cooper Sr. in Young Sheldon Season 7 where he will, at least at first, be leading the household alone after the last season left Mary living with Sheldon in Germany during his foreign studies.

Unfortunately, Young Sheldon may be set to end on a tragic note for the Cooper patriarch, as fans know Sheldon lost his father at 14 years old. As he was 13 during Season 6, the show could close out with a major family tragedy, or opt to leave the story behind just before it takes a dark turn.

Interestingly, Barber played a different role on The Big Bang Theory as former bully Jimmy Speckerman, while he has also featured on the likes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more.

Annie Potts - Connie Tucker/Meemaw

Young Sheldon, Annie Potts - Connie Tucker/Meemaw

A fan-favorite character across Young Sheldon is Connie Tucker, better known to most as Sheldon's Meemaw. The show has explored not only her ongoing business ventures - which include running an illegal gambling room out of a laundromat - but also her romantic life and several boyfriends.

Connie will have plenty of storylines to resolve in Season 7 including rebuilding her home after it was destroyed by a tornado, the fate of her illegal gambling room, and her ongoing relationship with her on-and-off boyfriend Dale Ballard.

Meemaw was played in The Big Bang Theory by June Squibb, while Annie Potts tackles the role in Young Sheldon. She has previously featured in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Pretty in Pink, and the Toy Story franchise as Bo Peep.

Craig T. Nelson - Dale Ballard

Young Sheldon, Craig T. Nelson - Dale Ballard

Craig T. Nelson plays Connie Tucker's boyfriend Dale Ballard in Young Sheldon, and he will return in Season 7 to explore more of their relationship. 

Many are expecting the couple will move in together in the final season after Connie's house was destroyed in the Season 6 finale. This could lead to an interesting and hilarious exploration of the challenges cohabiting will place on their somewhat strained on-and-off relationship.

Nelson famously voiced Mr. Incredible in Pixar's The Incredibles, and he has also had roles in The Proposal, Poltergeist, and more.

Matt Hobby - Pastor Jeff Difford

Young Sheldon, Matt Hobby - Pastor Jeff Difford

Matt Hobby played a recurring role as Pastor Jeff Difford, the deeply religious leader of the local church and something of an adversary to Sheldon based on their contrasting views on Christianity.

At the end of Season 6, Pastor Jeff learns about the illegal gambling room Connie was running out of her laundromat but agrees to keep the secret. Perhaps this may leave him with a moral dilemma going into Season 7, torn between following his faith and keeping his promise.

Hobby has also had roles in Fresh Off the Boat, Justine, The Emperor's Newest Clothes, and more.

Emily Osment - Mandy McAllister

Young Sheldon, Emily Osment - Mandy McAllister

Emily Osment was introduced as Mandy McAllister in Young Sheldon Season 5, hitting it off with Georgie and going on to become pregnant with his child. The couple are now parents to newborn Constance Cooper and just recently became engaged in the Season 6 finale, setting course for a Season 7 wedding.

While the imminent wedding of Georgie and Mandy along with their upcoming spin-off may point to happily ever after, fans of The Big Bang Theory will know that won't be the case. The original comedy series revealed Georgie had two ex-wives by the time he was all grown up, meaning a divorce may be around the corner.

As stated before, this won't be the last fans see of Osmen's Mandy, as she is expected to join Montana Jordan's Georgie for a spin-off exploring their journey as new parents and presumably a freshly married couple.

Osment has played many roles across Family Guy, and as a child, she appeared as Gerti Giggles in two of the Spy Kids movies.

Rachel Bay Jones - Audrey McAllister

Young Sheldon, Rachel Bay Jones - Audrey McAllister

Played by Rachel Bay Jones, Audrey McAllister is the mother to Georgie's partner Mandy, the grandmother of his child, and his soon-to-be mother-in-law after the couple began engaged at the end of Season 6.

Her Season 7 return was confirmed on Instagram by Mandy actress Emily Osment, who posted a selfie of the on-screen mother-daughter duo from the set on her story with the caption, "Working our butts off."

McAllister has long been disapproving of Georgie and Mandy's relationship which has led to a strained bond between the mother and daughter. Only time will tell how she will react to their engagement, but one can only imagine there is plenty more disapproval to come as they plan their wedding.

Will Sasso has yet to be confirmed to return as her husband Jim McAllister for Season 7, but it would be surprising if he didn't factor into the story.

Rachel Bay Jones has been featured in series such as The Good Doctor, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, and more.

Wyatt McClure - Billy Sparks

Young Sheldon, Wyatt McClure - Billy Sparks

Wyatt McClure will return in Season 7 as Billy Sparks, the Coopers' dim-witted neighbor who Sheldon claims in The Big Bang Theory was one of his childhood bullies, but that hasn't necessarily translated into the prequel.

In a post on Instagram in January, McClure confirmed his Season 7 return, stating, "It was nice to see everyone, and I'm grateful to be back on set."

With Billy still in the picture, it seems likely Melissa Peterman will reprise his mother, Brenda Sparks. The Coopers' neighbor has developed a close bond with patriarch George, meaning Season 7 could finally address his cheating scandal where Sheldon will walk in on him with another woman.

McClure had an uncredited role in The Fault in Our Stars and has also appeared in Disney+'s The Santa Clauses, Puppy Dog Pals, and more.

Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper

As has been the case with the past six seasons of Young Sheldon, Jim Parsons will continue to serve as the series' narrator and the voice of adult Sheldon Cooper, as he played in The Big Bang Theory.

Parsons has been playing Sheldon since The Big Bang Theory began 17 years ago in 2007. Unless he makes his way into one of the upcoming spin-offs somehow, this may well be the last time he takes on the role.

Across the series, the narrator Sheldon has made various reveals about his adult life, including how he and Amy have a son called Leonard Cooper and possibly more children. Perhaps, as Young Sheldon comes to a close, the genius will drop a few more bombshells about his post-Big Bang Theory life.

Apart from The Big Bang Theory, Parsons has also had roles in Spoiler Alert, The Boys in the Band, Hollywood, The Muppets, and Home.

Young Sheldon Season 7 airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT throughout the Spring 2024 season on CBS. 

Here's the official full schedule for the final season.

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