Disney+'s X-Men Season 2 Gets Exciting Announcement from Star

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Lenore Zann, the voice actress for Rogue in Disney+’s X-Men ‘97, took to social media to share an update on Season 2 of the show that’s sure to get fans hyped.

X-Men ‘97 will serve as a sequel/ reboot to the classic 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series and, as such, will reportedly pick up right where the original run left off.

All of the recognizable Mutant heroes are present and accounted for, with some even featuring the same voice talents from the 90s episodes. This includes Lenore Zann, who originated the role of the X-Men member Rogue and will reprise the character for the forthcoming revival.

Lenore Zann Offers Update on X-Men ‘97 Season 2

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The voice actress for Rogue in X-Men ’97, Lenore Zann, gave an exciting statement on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Season 2 of the highly anticipated animated Disney+ series:

In response to a post from the X account X-Men Updates, which signaled that production on X-Men ‘97 Season 2 has kicked off, Zann offered the following in signature Rogue fashion:

“Heck yeah Sugah! We’ve started - and I think you’re gonna love it"

At San Diego Comic Con 2023 in July, X-Men ‘97 showrunner Beau DeMayo confirmed that the writing process for season 2 was almost concluded.

Thus far, no official footage from X-Men ‘97 has been released online by Marvel. Clips from the first season were, in fact, shown at SDCC however. The series is currently also without an announced release date.

What Will X-Men ‘97 Be About?

With Season 1 seemingly on its way and Season 2 in progress, Marvel’s Merry Mutants will be making their way onto Disney+ soon enough. But what will their new series actually be about?

For starters, Beau DeMayo has indicated that ‘97 begins with “a few months” having passed since the end of X-Men: The Animated Series’ final episode, “Graduation Day”. 

In that series finale, the X-Men are forced to seek out their greatest adversary Magneto for help in attempting to save their leader and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier. Charles was gravely injured by the malicious government agent Henry Gyrich. Magneto brings in Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire to heal Xavier who is then forced to part ways with his students and travel to the Shi’ar homeworld.

Catching up with the cast in X-Men ‘97, in Professor X’s absence, Cyclops and Storm take point and command the team as co-leaders. This comes as the world’s anti-Mutant sentiment has begun to die down and civilians begin to see that Mutants aren’t so bad after all. Fans can expect that story thread to play into the show in substantial ways.

Marvel Studios’ X-Men ‘97 was announced for a Fall 2023 premiere on Disney+, but given recent MCU project delays, fans are now expecting it to be delayed to 2024.

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