Disney+'s X-Men Reboot Actor Teases 'Wild' Season 1

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The upcoming X-Men '97 reboot has a "wild" first season in store for one of its major characters.

While Marvel Studios has yet to confirm its Disney+ release date, X-Men '97 serves as a sequel/reboot to the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series and features many of the original show's voice talent

Not only did a certain X-Men '97 star recently update fans with Season 2 news, but she also described what Season 1 holds for her hero. 

X-Men '97 Star Talks Season 1 Story

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In talking with Toonado, Lenore Zann who voices Rogue in X-Men '97 described her character's Disney+ journey as a "wild ride."

When asked about returning to the character for the reboot, Zann explained Rogue is her "favorite character I've played to date" and expressed her gratitude to fans for their "support for our original series:"

“It’s fantastic to get this opportunity to re-inhabit the character of Rogue who is my favorite character I’ve played to date. I’m grateful to the fans for their loyalty and support for our original series - and for my performance - which has made this possible.”

While the fandom surrounding the series surely encouraged Marvel Studios to greenlight the revival, Zann also credited X-Men '97 showrunner Beau DeMayo and Charley Feldmen for "insisting [she] come back as Rogue:"

“And I’m also grateful to Beau DeMayo and Charley Feldman from 'X-Men ’97' for insisting I come back as Rogue.”

But again, when questioned about her mutant's rebooted storyline, Leonore Zann largely steered clear of spoilers but did manage to tease that Rogue "will go through a lot" and encouraged fans to prepare for a "wild ride:" 

"As usual, Rogue will go through a lot in 'X-Men ’97'. Like me, she’s a passionate woman who can’t help wearing her heart on her sleeve. So, buckle up for a wild ride!”

In addition to Zann's hints, Beau DeMayo has also shared a few details about Rogue's upcoming story and that it involves "Gambit" and questioning why they shouldn't enjoy "this life of acceptance" that they've fought for:

"...Other X-Men like Jean and the will they, won’t they couple Gambit and Rogue are starting to begin to question, 'Maybe there is a life… we’ve been fighting for this life of acceptance, can we just go out there and enjoy it for once, maybe?'"

Other X-Men '97 Character News

While X-Men '97 was initially slated for a Fall 2023 premiere, recent MCU delays and silence concerning an official release date now have fans anticipating a 2024 debut. 

In the meantime, series merchandise and additional quotes from the show's cast and crew have offered fans an idea of what to expect. 

For instance, Beau DeMayo and producer Jake Castorena shared details about X-Men '97's first episode and how it involves the team "confront[ing] a new Sentinal threat" when they are "unexpectedly attacked" mid-mission:

“We showed a clip from the first episode that shows the X-Men going off [on] a mission to confront a new Sentinel threat... And mid-mission they are unexpectedly attacked and have to use their Danger Room practice skills to save themselves.”

Also, it seems that Rogue isn't the only mutant with a "wild ride" in store as the traditional X-Men villain Magneto is reportedly leading the team while Storm and CYCLOPS are the show's "main characters."

Hopefully, Marvel fans won't have to wait too much longer for further information about X-Men '97, its mutants, and Season 1 itself. 

No official release date has been confirmed for X-Men '97. 

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