Disney+ X-Men Reboot: First Look at Wolverine Unmasked Revealed by Merch (Photos)

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Wolverine Disney+ X-Men

New merch reveals the first look at Wolverine unmasked in the upcoming X-Men '97 series.

The Disney+ X-Men reboot will take cues, particularly in the emotions and character portrayals, from X-Men: The Animated Series, but with its own new story. Fans of the original series also have much to get excited about with returning characters (and even returning cast members, notably Cal Dodd as Wolverine).

The rebooted animated Wolverine had been previously revealed, both in LEGO and HD form, with a LEGO set and box. In fact, LEGO has been revealing a fair bit, at least when it comes to Wolverine, with its "Wolverine's Adamantium Claws" set being unveiled in July.

Now, the merch strikes again as a new piece offers yet another tease at what's to come for Wolverine when the MCU animated series debuts on Disney+.

Merch Reveals Unmasked Animated Wolverine

A box with a wolverine toy inside, in the yellow-blue-black-and-red suit. There are three options for the toy's head, with the one currently on the toy being unmasked. the other two are both with the mask on, one with long, black wings on the eyes, and the other with short, black wings on the eyes. The box is cardboard, with the toy in plastic. The cardboard is decorated with various X-Men and the words

Hasbro's new X-Men '97 Marvel Legends Wolverine 6-inch Action Figure offers fans a first look at the fan-favorite character without his mask on in the upcoming Disney+ reboot.

The toy comes with three different heads, two masked and one unmasked.

A close-up of the unmasked Wolverine head from the Hasbro Marvel Legends figure.

The figure shows a gruff and scruffy Wolverine - a characterization familiar to fans of the character. Additionally, like with his mask, the designers weren't afraid to go big on certain elements like Wolverine's hair, which bodes well for fans of more comic-like designs.

The full, unmasked Wolverine Hasbro figure, with metal claws out, mid-attack.

The unmasked head fits nicely with the rest of the figure, offering a sharp look for the character that is very similar to his original X-Men: The Animated Series design.

Unmasked Wolverine, claws out, from X-Men: The Animated Series.

In fact, if fans were told that the figure was meant to be Wolverine from the '90s show, it wouldn't be too far off from the show's character design. In fact, the figure is almost identical to a moment from the original show where Wolverine takes his mask off.

Pre-order the X-Men 97 Marvel Legends Wolverine 6-inch Action Figure here.

Similar Aesthetics Across Both X-Men Shows

With a Wolverine that looks incredibly similar to his X-Men: The Animated Series counterpart in X-Men '97 merchandise, fans can get excited about at least some aesthetic similarity between the two shows.

Granted, this is not the first time this aesthetic similarity has been noted. However, it continues to emphasize the role of the original series in the development and execution of the reboot.

The original series is iconic, with the theme song even being used multiple times in the MCU already (Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and Ms. Marvel). Not only is it widely considered a fantastic show, but it is highly nostalgia-inducing for many current X-Men fans.

As such, it is a good sign to see the reboot continue to pull from the original series' strengths, emphasizing that it will be a continuation that honors the original, while adding new interpretations and stories.

There is no current release date for X-Men '97, but when it does premiere, it will be on Disney+.

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