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Marvel confirmed the dozen main characters that will be featured in the X-Men: The Animated Series reboot, X-Men '97, on Disney+.

Before Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman bring the MCU's first live-action mutant movie in Deadpool 3, X-Men '97 will serve as something of a blast to the past by bringing back a fan-favorite set of Marvel heroes on Disney+.

Becoming Marvel Studios' second animated series after What If...?, this reboot will directly follow up on the events of its predecessor that ended in 1996, with the X-Men now feeling "a wave of increased sympathy towards mutants."

X-Men '97 Reboot Characters Confirmed

Marvel's official website shared a variant cover of X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 highlighting the "main cast" of X-Men '97 to promote the series, which is currently slated to premiere on Disney+ in the Fall of this year

The following twelve Mutants got the spotlight:

1.) Storm


Ororo Munroe will serve as the de facto leader of the X-Men in this new series, with head writer Beau DeMayo explaining that she wants to "carry on the dream" of mutants having a place in the world. Utilizing much of her comic origin story, she'll play a key role in helping her fellow superheroes come out of the shadows, as they have had to do numerous times in live-action.

According to DeMayo, Storm, alongside Cyclops, will serve as the two lead characters of X-Men '97.

Storm has the ability to manipulate weather in almost any form imaginable, mostly using wind and lightning to take out her enemies.

2.) Jean Grey

Jean Grey

Known as one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel history, Jean Grey will find herself aligning more closely with the mutant protagonists of this series than she did in the original series. She'll question if "there is a life" where she'll be accepted in the world as she and her fellow mutants change their path to a degree.

Jean is known as one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe, with the ability to move objects with her mind through the power of the Phoenix Force - a force that could spell doom for anybody who stands in her way.

3.) Magneto


Arguably the X-Men's most iconic antagonist, Magneto will come in with a fresh new outfit and attitude for this new addition to the animated X-Men story. Coming along with Jean Grey to the protagonists' side, he'll look to settle his differences with his old friend, Professor X, for the good of mutant-kind as he embraces a new role in the changing landscape.

Magneto has the ability to manipulate and control all different kinds of metal, also boasting flight powers.

4.) Cyclops


Known as one of the X-Men's most prominent leaders in the comics, Cyclops takes on a similar role as one of the faces of the X-Men team in X-Men '97. Teaming up for top dog duties with Storm, Scott Summers will be put in a unique position this time around as he learns to adapt to a world that's more accepting of him and his nature.

A powerful blast of red energy shoots out of Cyclops' eyes anytime they're open, forcing him to wear a protective mask or special sunglasses both when he's in and out of battle.

5.) Rogue


Anna Marie/Rogue will also come back to the X-Men team alongside Jean Grey and Magneto, bringing her classic Southern accent and her somewhat isolated nature back into play.

Rogue is known as one of the most dangerous mutants in existence, drawing on humans' energy simply by touching them and leaving them in coma-like states that can go on for extended amounts of time.

6.) Gambit


New Orleans-based Remy Lebeau is best remembered for his consistently flirtatious relationship with Rogue over the course of the series, showing off a sense of pride that will come through when he rejoins the X-Men in this new take.

Gambit's powers allow him to charge up any object with kinetic energy, making them explosive and quite potent when he hurls them at opponents, and he has superhuman strength and durability to handle all that energy.

7.) Beast


Even for being a giant blue being that looks somewhat monstrous, Hank McCoy is the group's gentle giant who only unleashes his full powers on enemies when absolutely necessary.

Outside of the blue fur and physical mutations to his body, Beast's abilities include super strength and superhuman agility.

8.) Jubliee


Jubilation Lee is the youngest member of this team in X-Men '97, growing to accept the mutants as her family after spending most of her younger years as an orphan growing up in foster homes.

Jubilee has pyrokinetic abilities due to her mutant genes, allowing her to make sparks in her hands that she can use to strike objects and disable technology from a long distance away. 

9.) Bishop


Lucas Bishop originally collaborated with the Sentinels to hunt down members of the mutant resistance before switching sides, and being recruited as a full-time member of the team for X-Men '97.

Bishop's mutant powers allow him to absorb almost any kind of energy directed toward him and release it back at enemies in the form of massive energy blasts.

10.) Morph


Crossing the line on numerous occasions between hero and villain, Kevin Sydney will be recruited as a full-time X-Man this time around after dealing with intense brainwashing and trauma after facing his death in the pilot episode of X-Men: The Animated Series.

Morph's powers are fairly easy in nature to understand, as he's able to morph and transform into any humanoid or animal form that he can see and imagine.

11.) Wolverine


Arguably the most famous mutant in existence, Wolverine will continue to play a major role in X-Men '97 just as he did in the original animated saga. Bringing his own sense of isolation due to his experiences with the rest of the team over the years, this powerful mutant will have plenty of personal demons with which to grapple as he adapts to the changing landscape for mutants.

As seen in the animated series and in live-action, Logan's powers include super-strength and speed, and he boasts a set of adamantium claws that emerge from both of his hands.

12.) Sunspot


While most of the characters in X-Men '97 will be returning heroes and villains from  X-Men: The Animated Series, the team will get a brand new addition named Sunspot.

Known by the name Roberto de Costa, Sunspot's powers range from flight and superhuman strength to the ability to absorb solar energy and rechannel it into energy blasts and plasma emission.

X-Men 97 cover

X-Men '97 is currently set to debut on Disney+ in Fall 2023, although it could potentially be delayed until sometime in 2024.

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