First Footage of Disney+ X-Men Reboot Released at Comic-Con

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The animated X-Men ‘97 revival on Disney+ is still set to get a sophomore run of episodes, and fans were just shown some new footage.

X-Men '97 was announced all the way back in November 2021. Now, nearly two years later, fans are getting close to finally seeing the finished show.

While Marvel has remained tight-lipped about the series, marketing materials have offered some brief new glimpses at parts of the show. This includes Wolverine's classic claws in LEGO form, a Storm figure alongside the X-Jet, and the villainous Sentinels.

New Footage for X-Men '97 Debuts at SDCC

X-Men Disney Plus

During the ‘Designing the X-Men’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Marvel surprised attendees with new footage from X-Men '97.

One of the clips shows the X-Men team interrogating the villainous Dr. Trask, with Jean Grey lending a hand to enter his mind during the process. Cyclops even gets his moment to say his iconic "To me, my X-Men" line.

Another clip featured Cyclops slowing down several X-Men members with his laser beams as they were falling out of the air.

Additionally, it was confirmed that Jean Grey will be pregnant, and both Archangel and Bishop will be official members of the team.

Marvel also gave an official update on the X-Men '97 animated series' future, revealing that Season 2 is still in development and “nearing completion.”

What Will Season 2 Bring X-Men Fans?

Many fans are undoubtedly giddy to be hearing about new footage finally.

On top of everything above, audiences should expect to see more of the show's classic villain Mr. Sinister, who has been a part of the project since Season 1.

According to showrunner Beau DeMayo, the big bad has a "pretty foolproof plan to destroy the X-Men once and for all."

While one iconic villain might be back, Magneto will be making an interesting career choice—he's leading the X-Men now! Another new mutant will also join the titular team in the form of Gui Agustini's Sunspot.

Fans are still scratching their heads, wondering when the series will finally premiere. While it's been posed to release by the end of 2023, rumors suggest it could be pushed into 2024.

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