Disney+ X-Men Reboot: First Look at Villain Revealed by Merch (Photos)

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X-Men '97, Disney Plus logo

The MCU's upcoming X-Men reboot series, X-Men '97, just had new merchandise show off one of the story's new villains on Disney+.

While X-Men '97 will feature several iconic Marvel heroes such as Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and others, some Mutant villains will make their presence felt under the MCU umbrella for the first time as well.

The X-Men reboot will thrust Mister Sinister into the spotlight as its main villain. However, fan-favorite Magneto will also play a key role alongside the animated mutants in their long-awaited return to the small screen.

New Merch Highlights X-Men Reboot Villain

As shared by Marvelous News, new merchandise from Marvel Studios highlighted one of the big villains of the X-Men '97 series on Disney+ - the Sentinels.

X-Men Sentinel merch

An action figure put the Sentinels into focus, showing off what will likely be a massive figure with maroon-colored arms and legs complete with a dark blue outfit, gloves, and boots.

X-Men sentinel merch

Designed initially to hunt Mutantkind, the Sentinels came from Dr. Bolivar Trask as he hoped to save humanity from the threat of Mutants, with Trask even creating one that could make other Sentinels individually.


How Will Sentinels Play Into Disney+ X-Men Reboot?

Although the Sentinels will likely be more of a supporting villain in this new series, the X-Men will have plenty of battles ahead of them considering how many narrative threads are used in animated TV shows.

The series will also have a chance to take a trip back to past storylines told in X-Men: The Animated Series, all while Marvel Studios plans out its own live-action ideas for future X-Men projects as well.

And with plenty of teases already out in public for many of the other characters that will take the spotlight, the Sentinels will only help add to the anticipation for fans waiting to see how Marvel continues this legacy story.

X-Men '97 doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but it's rumored to be set for early 2024.

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