Disney+ X-Men Producer Teases Scarlet Witch Role In New Show

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X-Men Disney+ Show Scarlet Witch

 and heaWhile the fate of the Scarlet Witch is still unknown after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the X-Men character's next appearance on Disney+ may have already been teased.

Scarlet Witch's popularity skyrocketed after Elizabeth Olsen's impressive performance in WandaVision. After her small-screen MCU debut, Wanda Maximoff returned to the big screen as Doctor Strange 2's main villain. 

Although the character met her potential death in the Doctor Strange sequel, the Scarlet Witch is already confirmed to return via the Multiverse in Marvel Studios' What If...? Season 2. 

In addition, Wanda is also rumored to return alongside Vision in Marvel's Vision Quest show on Disney+.

Will X-Men '97 Include the Scarlet Witch?

X-Men '97 executive producer and head writer Beau DeMayo teased the possible inclusion of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Disney+'s revival of the animated series, noting a prior episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, "Family Ties," confirmed that the pair are mutants in the show's canon.

DeMayo eased the worry of one fan after he mentioned that he would not care about the show if Magneto's kids were not mutants, considering that Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are not yet confirmed to be as such in the MCU:

"Wanda [was] established as [a mutant] in 'Family Ties' of X-Men: TAS so don't worry there..."

Scarlet Witch

In "Family Ties," Pietro and Wanda learn from their dying father that they were adopted. Bova Ayrshire, the one who delivered the twins, and the High Evolutionary then told them about their origins, ultimately revealing that they are Magneto's children. 

"Family Ties" is the thirteenth episode of X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4. 

What Is Scarlet Witch's Role in X-Men '97?

X-Men '97 producer Beau DeMayo's latest tease could strengthen the possibility that the Scarlet Witch will eventually appear in Disney+'s revival. This isn't surprising since Wanda Maximoff plays a vital part as a member of the X-Men in the comics. 

Moreover, the character's last appearance before the revival could hint at how the Scarlet Witch will return. 

After learning the truth about their parentage and the High Evolutionary's disappearance in Season 4, Wanda and Pietro walked away, with the Scarlet Witch saying that only time would tell if she would ever forgive Magneto. 

Given that Magneto is set to have a major role in X-Men '97 as the leader of the team, it's possible that one of his tasks is to recruit Wanda and Pietro as full-time members of the X-Men. 

Doing this allows the Scarlet Witch to have a big role in the Disney+ revival while also leading to her eventual confrontation with Magneto.

X-Men '97 is reportedly premiering on Disney+ sometime this fall.

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