First Look at Wonder Woman's New Daughter Unveiled by DC (Photo)

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Wonder Woman comic look

DC Comics officially unveiled artwork featuring a brand-new character: Wonder Woman's daughter, with both a civilian name and a superpowered identity.

Over her comics history, Diana Prince has seen many a legacy character follow in her footsteps, from Donna Troy to Artemis of Bana-Mighdall to Cassie Sandsmark — not to mention the several other Themysciran allies like Nubia.

Notably, almost every generation of DC heroes has an Amazon warrior — Diana for the Justice League, Donna for the Teen Titans, Artemis for the Outlaws, and Cassie for Young Justice. But, the Super Sons generation of Damian Wayne's Robin and Jonathan Kent's Superboy has lacked an Amazon to round it out.

Wonder Woman's Daughter Revealed

DC Comics writer Tom King took to Twitter to reveal the name, superhero identity, and design for Wonder Woman's daughter, Lizzie (superhero name: Trinity).

Wonder Woman's daughter, Lizzie, also known as Trinity
DC Comics

Trinity wears a costume reminiscent of both her mother, Diana, and Cassie Sandsmark's Wonder Girl. She is sporting three lassos, one the gold Lasso of Truth that Wonder Woman uses, one seemingly the silver Lasso of Persuasion as used by Donna Troy, and the third a black lasso that doesn't match any current item in DC continuity.

According to IGN, fans will get to meet Trinity in June's Wonder Woman #800 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere. The team will be spearheading a new Wonder Woman series in September as part of Dawn of DC, with this story serving as a tease for what fans can expect.

Additionally, the stories about Trinity will be set 20 years in the future, as opposed to pulling a Bruce and Damian Wayne and giving Wonder Woman a kid after she's grown up some.

Speaking of Damian Wayne, King told IGN that the inspiration behind Lizzie — who will be a main focus of King and Sampere's new series and was among their first ideas for that series — was imagining the Super Sons (Damian and his best friend/son of Superman Jon Kent) "as older brother babysitters and how really the person they should be looking after is their little sister, the daughter of Wonder Woman:"

"Hard to remember exactly, but I think I stole at least the first spark from Mitch Gerads, the brilliant artist whom I’m blessed to work with on so many things. Mitch had a great idea for doing a sort of all ages short story to follow up on our 'Mister Miracle' series where Jon and Damian would be babysitting Scott and Barda’s kid, Jack. This got me thinking about the son of Batman and the son Superman as older brother babysitters and how really the person they should be looking after is their little sister, the daughter of Wonder Woman."

King explained that he based "this dynamic and its potential for comedy and drama" on his own three children, dubbing this new type of story "Super sons...and daughter:"

"I have three kids, two of whom are close in age and then one who’s 5 years younger than those two, so I’m very familiar with this dynamic and its potential for comedy and drama. Super sons...and daughter. It was the kind of thing I’d want to read with them at any age. So, after I had that idea in my head, I couldn’t get it out."

This is not the first time the Wonder Woman character has had a daughter, with characters like Hippolyta Trevor's Fury and Stephanie Trevor's Wonder Girl on other DC Earths. However, Lizzie is, as of now, seemingly Wonder Woman's only canon, mainline daughter.

Further, King has not revealed who Trinity's father is but told IGN about a potential big reveal over the course of the story.

It is also worth noting that, according to King, "the main focus of 'Wonder Woman' the book will be Wonder Woman the hero:"

"I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of that future as we move forward with the story in 'Wonder Woman,' which centers around how that future came to be. But it’s important to add that the main focus of 'Wonder Woman' the book will be Wonder Woman the hero."

King added that "there’s a lot more than just Trinity coming. A LOT more:"

"The point of every issue and every arc of our story is to show the readers how awesome Diana Prince is, how relevant she is to today’s world, and how kick ass her powers are personality are. Trinity is part of that story, but there’s a lot more than just Trinity coming. A LOT more."

How Will Wonder Woman's Comic Daughter Compare To Other Heroes?

This "older brother babysitter" dynamic for the Super Sons and Trinity is good news for fans of Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jiménez's classic Super Sons comics, focusing on the friendship between Damian and Jon.

The importance of the 20-year time jump for Trinity's story goes beyond what it means for Wonder Woman but what it means for this new generation of heroes.

Currently, Jon is aged up to a few years older than Damian thanks to some off-world time shenanigans a couple of years back. As such, Super Sons fans are limited with the new stories they can enjoy about their favorite team, as Jon is an adult hero in his own right — even being Superman for some time while Clark Kent was off in space — while Damian is still about 16 years old.

The 20-year jump will make this age difference less notable and allow them to seem more on the same page than they do now, especially as they take on these "older brother" roles for Trinity.

As for Trinity herself, she is going to be unique among the Super Sons generation, as she is not taking on a legacy mantle. Damian and Jon spent time as Robin and Superboy respectively, meanwhile, Trinity is starting fresh with her own name.

Additionally, fans can look forward to learning more about what powers Lizzie has. Will she inherit all of her mother's abilities? Depending on who her father is, she may have mixes of powers or be like Jon (a half-human-half-Kryptonian) as a half-human-half-Amazon.

Luckily, fans don't have to wait too much longer for their first Trinity story, as she debuts in Wonder Woman #800 on June 20.

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