When Calls the Heart Season 12 Gets Big Announcement: When Will It Release?

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When Calls the Heart

The Hallmark Channel’s hit long-running drama, When Calls the Heart, isn’t going away anytime soon.

Since 2014, fans of When Calls the Heart have checked in on the residents of Hope Valley, the small Canadian Mining town that serves as the show’s primary setting.

When Calls the Heart, as with many television series that have been on for more than a decade, has seen its fair share of cast changes (including a particularly high-profile 2019 exit in the form of Lori Loughlin), but the essence of the program remains.

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When Calls the Heart Scores Season 12 Renewal

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As announced by the Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart has been renewed for Season 12 and will begin filming imminently.

In a statement from Erin Krakow, When Calls the Heart’s star and executive producer, more “stories that warm hearts in homes around the world” are in store: 

“I am overjoyed that 'When Calls the Heart' is coming back for a 12th season. Our fantastic writers, cast, and crew couldn’t be more excited to begin filming this next season! We are proud to tell stories that warm hearts in homes around the world and so grateful to Hallmark for being such champions of that positivity. Having the Hearties’ support over the past decade has been a true testament to what this show is all about: community and love. We cannot wait for our fans to see what Hope Valley has in store!”

Production on Season 12 is expected to begin in July. The show’s tenth season also started shooting in July 2022 and premiered on the Hallmark Channel about a year later on July 30, 2023. 

The same was roughly true for Season 11 (which was hampered by last summer’s Hollywood strikes). Those episodes were shot from July to November for an April 2024 premiere.

So, considering all this, it seems probable that When Calls the Heart Season 12 will wrap production in November and debut sometime in late spring/early Summer 2025.

What Might Happen in When Calls the Heart Season 12?

As of writing, the Season 11 finale of When Calls the Heart has not yet aired (it comes out on Sunday, June 9). This makes predicting what could happen on the show next year a bit difficult.

Nevertheless, fans can expect the series to continue providing wholesome, heartwarming stories in 1920s Hope Valley.

It’s also significant to note that Mamie Laverock, who has played Rosaleen Sullivan in a recurring capacity on When Calls the Heart, was recently involved in an accident that left her hospitalized and clinging to life after a five-story fall.

It’s unknown if Laverock’s character was to factor into Season 12, but one would surely hope the young actress will pull through after this tragic turn of events.

Seasons 8-11 of When Calls the Heart are streaming on Peacock.

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