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When Calls the Heart main characters

When Calls the Heart Season 11 returns on the Hallmark Channel with familiar faces led by Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton. 

The new season of the hit romance series is expected to juggle several storylines after an incredible Season 10 finale where Elizabeth's love triangle with Lucas and Nathan took a major turn. Elsewhere, the other members of Hope Valley solve a mystery that could threaten the lives of its citizens if left hanging. 

When Calls the Heart Season 11 premiered on the Hallmark Channel on April 7. 

Every Main Cast Member of When Calls the Heart Season 11 

Erin Krakow - Elizabeth Thatcher

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth
Erin Krakow

Erin Krakow returns to lead the cast of When Calls the Heart Season 11 as Elizabeth Thatcher.

Elizabeth is a beloved teacher from Hope Valley at a crossroads when it comes to finding love in the small community. After the death of her husband (Jack) in Season 5, Elizabeth resumes her search for a man who can love and protect her. 

In Season 11, Elizabeth embarks on a fresh start after breaking up with Lucas, leading to a newfound beginning with Nathan. 

The new season's official logline teased that the pair (Elizabeth and Nathan) will start to "navigate their growing romantic feelings," potentially leading to a blossoming relationship. 

Fans have been waiting for the pair to kiss, and it looks like it will happen in Season 11. 

Speaking with People, Krakow confirmed that Elizabeth and Nathan will indeed lock lips, but, "it doesn't happen at the very beginning."

The actress also said that the kiss will "honor the buildup" from previous seasons: 

"When it came to that moment, I think we felt like it was important that it really honor the buildup over however many seasons. And I don't think it disappoints."

Krakow has many impressive small screen credits, with roles in Army Wives, Guiding Light, Castle, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Pascale Hutton - Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter

Pascale Hutton as Rosemary
Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton reprises her When Calls the Heart role as Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter. 

At the beginning of the series, Rosemary was engaged to the now-deceased Jack Thornton. She fell in love with Hope Valley citizen Lee Coulter after she decided to stay in the small town. 

Season 11's premiere showed Rosemary helping Elizabeth discover what happened to Lucas after his life was in danger at the end of Season 10. She was also disappointed that another journalist covered the story behind Lucas' assailant. 

Hutton's most recognizable roles are playing Abby Corrigan in Sanctuary, Julianna Vejzna in Intelligence, and Molly White in The Perfect Bride.

Kavan Smith - Leland "Lee" Coulter

Kavan Smith as Lee
Kavan Smith

Kavan Smith stars as Leland "Lee" Coulter, Rosemary's husband and the owner of a sawmill in Hope Valley. 

Lee continues to be Rosemary's loving partner and support system as he helps her and her friends overcome challenges and navigate their day-to-day lives. 

Smith is best known for portraying Major Evan Lorne in Stargate: Atlantis. The actor also appeared in Titanic, Mission to Mars, and Notes of Autumn.

Chris McNally - Lucas Bouchard

Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard
Chris McNally

Lucas Bouchard (played by Chris McNally) is a successful businessman and Elizabeth's ex-fiance who was elected as the new governor of Hope Valley. 

Season 10's crazy cliffhanger ending revealed that an unknown assailant shot Lucas. 

At the beginning of Season 11, though, the culprit was already caught, and Lucas was (thankfully) already recovering. Based on what transpired, the new season is expected to focus on Lucas' continuing journey in the world of politics. 

McNally can be seen in Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Firefly Lane, and Riverdale.

Kevin McGarry - Nathan Grant

Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant
Kevin McGarry

Nathan Grant is a hopeless romantic and the fan-favorite when it comes to Elizabeth's romantic interests. The character is played on-screen by Kevin McGarry.

While Nathan was friend-zoned by Elizabeth in the Season 8 finale, he continued to look over and protect her. 

Many have assumed that Season 11 might finally be the season when Elizabeth and Nathan become a couple. The pair have been drawn to each other after the former's series of heartbreaks. 

Open Heart fans may recognize McGarry for his role as Dr. Timothy Hudson in the series. The actor also has credits in The Night Agent and Heartland

Jaeda Lily Miller - Allie Grant

Jaeda Lily Miller as Allie
Jaeda Lily Miller

Jaeda Lily Miller plays Allie Grant, Nathan's lovable niece who joins him in moving to Hope Valley to start a new life. 

Miller's notable credits include StarBeam, Ready Jet Go!, and Dead of Summer.

Jack Wagner - Bill Avery

Jack Wagner as Bill Avery
Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner brings Bill Avery to life in When Calls the Heart Season 11. 

Bill is a retired mountie who teams up with Rosemary to uncover a mystery that could threaten the lives of the residents of Hope Valley. 

Aside from the duo's tag team investigation, Season 11, Episode 1 revealed that Bill was instrumental in telling Elizabeth about Lucas' status and what happened to him. 

Wagner has over 40 credits, with iconic roles as Dominick Marone in The Bold and the Beautiful, Dr. Peter Burns in Melrose Place, and Warren Lockridge in Santa Barbara

Viv Leacock - Joseph Canfield

Viv Leacock as Joseph
Viv Leacock

Viv Leacock is part of Season 11's cast as Joseph Canfield. 

Starting as a delivery driver in Season 8, Joseph becomes acquainted with the citizens of Hope Valley, who eventually help him achieve his calling to become a pastor in the small town. 

Leacock is known for his roles in Freddy vs. Jason, Lost in Space, and The Now.

Natasha Burnett - Minnie Canfield

Natasha Burnett as Minnie
Natasha Burnett

Natasha Burnett's Minnie Canfield is Joseph's wife who loves cooking. She is also part of Elizabeth's circle of friends. 

When Calls the Heart Season 11's premiere showcased how good and reliable of a friend Minnie is. At one point, she reminded Faith that she is not alone after the latter opened up about being jealous of her other friends' success. 

Burnett was previously featured in Love at First Bark, unREAL, and iZombie.

Martin Cummins - Henry Gowen

Martin Cummins as Henry
Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins stars as Henry Gowen, a businessman arrested for stealing Hope Valley's town funds. 

Despite his previous nefarious deeds, Henry had his redemption arc and started fresh with a new business in the town.

Henry's expertise in the business world and his cunning personality led Lucas (who was still recovering) to ask him personally in Season 11's premiere if he wanted to join his team, but he respectfully declined. 

Riverdale fans may recognize Cummins for his role as Tom Keller in the show. The actor's other notable credits include Dice and We All Fall Down.

Andrea Brooks - Faith Carter

Andrea Brooks as Faith
Andrea Brooks

Andrea Brooks returns as Faith Carter in When Calls the Heart Season 11. Faith is a nurse from Hope Valley. 

In Season 11, Episode 1, Faith seems upset that Fiona, her friend, is not returning since she decided to stay in Nashville. Minnie comforts her. 

Supergirl fans may recognize Andrea Brooks for her role as Eve Teschmacher in the Arrowverse series. The actress also appeared in Fire Country, So Help Me Todd, and Santa's Boots.

Amanda Wong - Mei Sou

Amanda Wong as Mei
Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong portrays Mei Sou, a pharmacist who works under the umbrella of The Yost's new business. 

While remarkable in her job, Mei was overwhelmed by the number of customers seeking medicine in Season 11's premiere. The good news was Mike Hickam stepped in to assist her. 

Wong previously appeared in Mystery 101, Love Trend, and Therapeutic Fibbing.

Ben Rosenbaum - Mike Hickam

Ben Rosenbaum as Mke
Ben Rosenbaum

When Calls the Heart mainstay Ben Rosenbaum reprises his role as Mike Hickam in Season 11. 

Mike, one of the town's reliable workers, appears to be getting closer to Mei in the brand-new season, with some theorizing that a potential romance between the two characters will be explored. 

Rosenbaum's other notable credits include Anabel's First Date: Web Series and It Was Always You.

New episodes of When Calls the Heart Season 11 premiere every Sunday on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. ET. 

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