Who Is Kevin McGarry? 4 Things to Know About When Calls the Heart Actor

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Kevin McGarry, When Calls the Heart

There's much to learn about the 39-year-old actor Kevin McGarry, who recently appeared as Nathan Grant on When Calls the Heart Season 11.

The Hallmark series When Calls the Heart follows Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), a young teacher from high society, as she navigates life in the small coal-mining town of Coal Valley in Western Canada in 1910. There she must overcome challenges and win over the skeptical Constable Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing).

4 Facts About When Calls the Heart's Kevin McGarry

Kevin McGarry in When Calls the Heart
Kevin McGarry

Kevin McGarry Studied at Fanshawe College

Originally from Kincardine, Canada, Kevin McGarry's journey into the world of acting took him to Theatre Arts at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, where he honed his performing skills. He further refined his craft at the Pro Actors Lab in Toronto and the Lyric School of Acting in Vancouver.

He told MyDevotionalThoughts.net that he became an actor because he "had an active imagination:"

"I always enjoyed stories, and the character’s journey. I had an active imagination that was best served through a creative outlet. Acting was a way I could express myself, and where my talents best served me. I’ve trained throughout the country, and I continue to do so. I enrolled in the Theatre Arts program at Fanshawe College in London before studying in Toronto with the Pro Actors Lab, and Lyric in Vancouver."

Kevin's First Major Role Was in Open Heart

In an interview with MyDevotionalThoughts.net, the 6' 2" actor explained that his early career included a guest-starring role on the TBS series Love Bites as the lead's ex-boyfriend, followed by four years performing in theaters across Canada.

His first major role came in the series Open Heart, where he portrayed Dr. Timothy Hud, an ex-army medic and first-year resident at Open Heart Memorial Hospital. 

McGarry said the experience was a "dream," praising the engaging stories and talented crew working on the production:

Everything about this show was a dream, from the stories we told to the cast and creatives involved."

Kevin Most Relates to Nathan Grant's Dad Jokes

Kevin McGarry was on the Sarah Scoops YouTube channel, explaining that the main thing he relates to with Nathan Grant is the dad jokes.

When asked if saw similarities between him and his character, he joked that he wishes that he "had his discipline" as Nathan, but ultimately, the "dad jokes" are the main commonality:

"Maybe the dad jokes may as I get older with the glasses and the mustache that I have right now, the Ned Flanders look. I feel like maybe we have similar dad jokes sometimes where I've been trying them out a bit more. We're not that similar in real life like I said I wish I had his discipline sometimes but yeah maybe that maybe the dad jokes."

Kevin is Engaged to His When Calls the Heart Co-Star Kayla Wallace

McGarry found love with co-star Kayla Wallace, who plays Fiona Miller on When Calls the Heart.

In an interview with People, McGarry hinted at possibly singing at the ceremony, mentioning the chance of champagne-induced performances.:

"Champagne, I imagine, is being served so ... there’s a chance that could happen. And Kayla too. We always play. We’ll play music together."

McGarry expressed a preference for personal vows over traditional ones, wanting to add personality with "a joke or two in there:"

"You know you’ve got an audience. You gotta throw a joke or two in there."

Post-wedding plans involve exploring cities and experiencing different cultures rather than opting for a tropical vacation:

"Both of us would rather go explore a city...Yeah, we’ve done the tropical stuff, and it's great, [but] we both get antsy after three days of sitting around. I want to learn and eat different foods and talk to different people."

How To Follow Kevin McGarry Online

For more updates about Kevin McGarry, fans can follow him on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

New episodes of When Calls the Heart air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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