Wheel of Time Season 3 Just Recast 1 Key Character (Confirmed)

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A new report revealed that The Wheel of Time Season 3 added a new actress to play an important Season 1 character. 

The Wheel of Time finished its Season 2 run on Amazon Prime Video by wrapping up some of the show's longstanding storylines, such as Ishamael's death and Rand's hesitance to become the Dragon Reborn. 

The Season 2 finale also set up intriguing plot points that Season 3 will explore like the arrival of a Forsaken named Moghedien and Mat Cauthon's new status as the Hero of the Horn.

While Season 2 featured the return of most of the show's Season 1 cast, there are characters who did not come back. A major character was recast in Season 2, with Dònal Finn replacing Barney Harris to portray Mat, making headlines when it happened before the sophomore effort.

Wheel of Time Season 3 Adds New Cast Member

Wheel of Time TV Series News shared that Lolita Chakrabarti has been replaced by Rina Mahoney to play the role of Marin al'Vere in The Wheel of Time Season 3. 

Chakrabarti appeared as Marin al'Vere, Egwene's mother, in the show's Season 1 premiere. 

Marin last appeared during the final scene of Season 1 Episode 1 when she watched Egwene leave the Two Rivers along with the Ta'veren, Moiraine, and Lan to embark on a journey to the White Tower. 

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Chakrabarti's publicist explained to the outlet why the actress will not return in Season 3, citing "a clash of timings of her projects:"

"[Chakrabarti will not return] due to a clash of timings of her projects in the 'West End' and on Broadway as a playwright, sadly she was unable to continue her role as Marin al’Vere in 'Wheel of Time.'“ 

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Rina Mahoney

Armed with 20 years of acting experience, Rina Mahoney has an impressive resume and is best known for her roles as Janet Ottinger in Wednesday, Anisha Batti in Happy Valley, and Mariam Rahman in The Bay

How Rina Mahoney's Character Fits in Wheel of Time Season 3

In February 2021, The Times claimed Lolita Chakrabarti was set to have a larger role in Season 3 as Marin al'Vere. The character's exact role is still unknown, but The Wheel of Time books could shed some light on her return. 

After Season 2 concluded the Horn of Valere arc from the books, The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins confirmed that Season 3 will focus on the fourth book of the series, The Shadow Rising.  

For those unaware, The Shadow Rising explores Rand (aka the Dragon Reborn) as he journies to the Aiel Waste while other characters embark on a path back home to the Two Rivers. 

The Two Rivers is the home of Egwene, Mat, Rand, Perrin, and Nynaeve. Returning to this place sets up an emotional reunion between the Ta'veren and their family members. 

However, in the books, Egwene didn't join the journey back to the Two Rivers. Instead, it was Perrin, Loial, and Faile who went there instead. 

Prime Video's confidence in The Wheel of Time isn't surprising. In fact, the streaming service even renewed the series for Season 3 in July 2022, which was way before Season 2's premiere. 

The first two seasons of The Wheel of Time are streaming on Prime Video.

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