What If Season 2 Gets New Release Window

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Marvel's What If Season 2

Marvel Studios appears to have finally nailed down a release window for Season 2 of the MCU's original animated Disney+ series, What If...?.

With Marvel Studios' animation division reportedly experiencing its fair share of issues with layoffs and financial problems, the MCU's animated slate has been a constant subject of rumors centered on delays for the past couple of years.

But while What If...?'s future after Season 2 is still unclear, the biggest question remaining for the series at this moment is when it will be released as the MCU pushes through a number of obstacles from inside and outside the studio.

MCU's What If...? Season 2 Gets Release Window

What If Captain Carter, Thor, Killmonger

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Marvel Studios is aiming to debut Season 2 of What If...? sometime around Christmas Day 2023.

This comes as a promising update for the series after it faced several delays over the past year. What If...? Season 2 was officially set for an early 2023 release window before Marvel Studios indefinitely delayed the show earlier this year.

It's still unclear whether Christmas 2023 will bring one or multiple episodes on the same day.

Season 2 will run for nine episodes, which is the same episode count as Season 1.

What's In Store for What If...? Season 2?

As Marvel Studios was forced to delay a number of series debuting in 2023 and 2024 due to both internal issues and the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes, seeing What If...? confirmed for this year is certainly a positive development.

The big question now is when exactly fans will get new updates from the series' promotional tour, especially with details already out to the public about a few episodes.

An episode centered on 2021's Black Widow was confirmed to be in development exclusively with The Direct, and over two dozen characters are already confirmed to be part of the new season as a whole.

And with an A-list cast of actors set to reprise their MCU roles in voiceover form, Marvel Studios hopes to bring an exciting round of new stories that will add something meaningful to the Multiverse Saga.

What If...? Season 2 is now expected to debut on Disney+ around Christmas 2023.

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