WandaVision: New Concept Art Reveals White Vision and Monica Designs

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WandaVision Vision Monica Rambeau Concept art

WandaVision recently came to a close, but fans have yet to recover from the explosive finale of the series. The inaugural MCU show under the Disney+ banner defied expectations by surprising viewers with its unusual sitcom-based approach during its first half, and the anticipation grew stronger when the series returned to its action-packed roots in the final set of episodes.

Given that this is Marvel Studios' first foray into the realm of long-form storytelling, WandaVision introduced numerous memorable moments that left a mark in the eyes of many fans. It's no surprise that this is part of the fun of this format, and it essentially helped the project stand out from the rest of the MCU playing field (for now).

Now, a new promotional image for the hit MCU series has emerged to tide everyone over after an eventful finale.


In a post from Instagram , feature film concept designer Phil Saunders officially released brand-new concept art for WandaVision , showcasing a fresh look at some key moments from the series.

The full image can be viewed below:

From Phil Saunders
From Phil Saunders

One of the moments that was included in the collage was Monica Rambeau's forceful re-entry into Westview.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Another scene that was featured in the concept art was SWORD's nefarious approach when it came to dismantling Vision's body.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Alongside the reveal, Saunders appears to confirm that an Art of WandaVision book will soon arrive, as evidenced by the artist's caption in the post:

"Had such a blast working on WandaVision for my good friend @andyparkart. Sometimes you just know from the first draft that something is going to turn out to be special, and this was one of those! Looking forward to being able to share some of the work I did on it when the “Art of” book is released, but for now here’s a little tease..."


This latest promotional image is a fitting reminder of the compelling moments that happened within the narrative of WandaVision . Even though Wanda Maximoff is not featured, the inclusion of Vision and the solid introduction of Monica Rambeau in the concept art is more than enough to instill the idea that the series was further propelled by its massive ensemble of characters.

On the surface, the collage approach is no doubt an effective way to highlight these key scenes from WandaVision, and it will be interesting to find out if other scenes such as the twins' arrival and Wanda's transformation into the Scarlet Witch will be presented in a similar manner in the upcoming “Art Of” book.

Meanwhile, the confirmation that The Art of WandaVision book will soon release should bode well for diehard fans of the series, especially after the overwhelmingly positive reception that the show received from social media.

On top of the upcoming Marvel Studios: Assembled special for the show, it seems that an in-depth look on the making of Marvel's first Disney+ series will be presented in several unique ways, and this should provide fans with an opportunity to prepare for Wanda's next appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Overall, this concept art from Saunders presents a vital piece in the WandaVision puzzle.

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