WandaVision's Superpowered Twins Receive Their Own Funko Pops

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WandaVision Billy Tommy Twins Funko Pops

WandaVision has taken the world by storm, giving a big boost in subscriptions to Disney+. As the show progresses, new characters are introduced and their stories are explored, giving fans plenty of reasons to stick around for the next week's episode.

Two characters that have stolen the Westview spotlight are Billy and Tommy Maximoff — the twins born to Wanda in the show's third episode. The two children played by Jett Klyne (Billy) and Julian Hilliard (Tommy) have been a joy to watch as they quickly grow through their first ten years of life, and they seem to be becoming an important part of WandaVision's plot.

As the first two characters in MCU history to be born with their superpowers , Marvel Studios surely has big plans for Wanda's twin boys in the coming years. This is reinforced in the new marketing for the Disney+ show, as more attention is directed towards the new Maximoff twins.


Following the release of WandaVision's spooktacular sixth episode, Funko officially revealed the Pops! for Billy and Tommy in their comic-inspired Halloween costumes from the show.

WandaVision Twins Funko Pops

These figures will be released in Spring 2021 as part of Funko's Virtual Con event. The tweet including the announcement can be viewed below:


Because an image of this Pop! 2-pack already leaked about a week before WandaVision's "All-New Spooktacular Halloween" released , this early announcement from Funko is most likely a response to that. However, Funko waited until Monday to make this reveal despite the sixth episode dropping on the previous Friday, reinforcing the three-day no-spoiler period that Marvel Studios seems to follow in their marketing and on social media.

This Funko reveal also confirms that an official Halloween figure will be made for the entire Maximoff household ( including the couch-crashing Pietro ). This may be alluding to how the Halloween episode is as good as it gets for Wanda's town of Westview, as this could be the last time the five of them are living happily under the same roof following the apparent fallout of the show's latest chapter.

We'll find out if that's the case when "Episode 7" of WandaVison releases on Friday, February 19.

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