WandaVision: New Trailer Shows More Scarlet Witch & Infinity Stone Interactions

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Vision and Scarlet Witch

Over the past few months we've seen plenty of WandaVision footage, posters, and promotional stills released by Marvel Studios. Now, with only three weeks to go until the series makes its big debut as the first project of the MCU's highly-anticipated Phase 4, promotion for the series is really ramping up.

WandaVision is shaping up to be unlike any other show that's out there. It's a superhero-sitcom hybrid that will take its characters - and viewers - through the decades of classic television eras with plenty of action-packed heroics to go along with it.


On Christmas morning, fans got another taste of what's in store for WandaVision thanks to a preview from the special Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration on ABC.

While much of this preview consists of previously released footage, fans did get to see some new clips as well as some expanded versions of old ones.

The trailer starts with footage from the 1950's portion of the show and provides some additional context on the previously-released scene of Wanda magically addoing wedding rings to her and Vision's fingers after remarking that they don't have an anniversary as a couple.

Another new clip shows Vision saying, "Wanda! Have you gotten bigger?" likely in reference to her pregnancy during the 70s', as it played over clips from that era. There was also a much more overt acknowledgement of their twins, as the footage also showed more of an era fans hadn't got to see much of until now: the 1980's. "Auntie Agnes", as she refers to herself in this portion of the preview, is dressed in over-the-top 80's-style workout gear as she prepares to sing a lullaby to the babies in their cribs.

One scene expanded upon from previous trailers shows Wanda staring at the Mind Stone, which appears to be exploding, much like it did when she destroyed it in Avengers: Infinity War . But this time, we see a blue stone before the yellow Mind one. According to MCU companion book The Wakanda Files , it was the blue Space Stone that either bestowed or unlocked Scarlet Witch's powers (as well as those of her late brother, Quicksilver) so fans will be anxious to see how WandaVision provides context to Wanda and her abilities.

Other than a very brief flash or two of Wanda and Vision in their Halloween costumes, we didn't see much that's obviously beyond the 80's in this footage (though the Infinity Stone scene very well could take place after that). It's likely that Marvel Studios wants to keep those episodes especially close to the vest so as not to give anything away about how the series unfolds in its later episodes.

WandaVision premieres on Disney+ January 15.

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