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WandaVision: Mephisto Leak Debunked By Manufacturer

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By Richard Nebens

WandaVision seems to make new headlines every week for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the franchise's first effort at storytelling on Disney+. Now that the show is diving into what's happening outside of Wanda's bubble in the real world, the expectation is for the craziness to take on new levels of weird over the coming weeks.

For everything that's known about the show so far, one of the biggest mysteries that remains to be revealed is who the primary antagonist will be . Different reports have circled around Kathryn Hahn's Agnes turning into Agatha Harkness , Emma Caulfield's Dottie being a disguise for Clea , along with other crazy theories.

A recent toy leak even indicated that Marvel Comics big bad Mephisto would make his debut in this series. However, there is some information disputing that claim.


According to a new release from Marvelous News , Zack Oat at Diamond Select Toys confirmed that the recent leak revealing Mephisto in WandaVision is a fake. When Marvelous News reached out to Oat for comment, Oat said that the image of the Marvel Minimates toy was not a product made at his company.

The faux WandaVision merchandise that had been circulating online can be seen below:


This leak certainly had MCU fans abuzz for a short period of time before Diamond confirmed the picture to be a fake. This doesn't 100% confirm that Mephisto will not debut in WandaVision , but this leaves the possibilities wide open for who the big bad of WandaVision will be.

Mephisto is certainly an option considering his formidable magical skills and how powerful Wanda is becoming with her own reality-bending abilities. Taking into account that this show will tie in directly with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , it seems most likely that this villain will be magical in nature to combat what Wanda and Vision will bring to the fight.

With more than half of the season remaining, viewers will be paying close attention to every minute detail laid out in the plot to try to decipher who will reveal themselves as the antagonist of the series. As Wanda and Vision live through the '80s, '90s and 2000s sitcom-styles of television, the story is about to get wild quickly and put the "unusual couple" through the ringer.

WandaVision will continue when "Episode 5" premieres on Disney+ Friday, February 5.

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