Full Cast of Tracker Episode 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw,

Tracker Episode 3 places Colter Shaw in a precarious situation as he helps a young woman find her missing sister. 

Created by Ben H. Winters, the series tells the story of Colter Shaw as he embarks on a journey while driving his RV to unpack newfound mysteries and high-stakes crimes. 

Tracker premiered on CBS on February 11. 

Every Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 3

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley stars as survivalist Colter Shaw in Tracker. 

As the titular tracker and self-proclaimed "rewardist," Colter makes a living by helping law enforcement and ordinary citizens solve complex crimes. The character drives his RV across the United States to find new mysteries to unpack. 

In Episode 3, Colter is entangled with a missing persons case as he tries to reunite two sisters. The twist, however, is the missing sister, Mia, is a nomad who occasionally moves from town to town.

Smallville fans may recognize Justin Hartley for his role as Oliver Queen (aka the Green Arrow). The actor also appeared as Kevin Pearson in This Is Us and Patrick Osbourne in Revenge.

Robin Weigert - Teddi Bruin

Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin
Robin Weigert 

Teddi Bruin (played by Robin Weigert) is one of Colter Shaw's assistants who helps him run his operations. Teddi's goals are to find new jobs and keep track of their earnings. 

While she initially pitches a different case involving a missing vintage car at the start of Episode 3, Teddi isn't surprised that Colter chooses to seek the truth behind Mia's disappearance instead. 

Weigert's most recognizable role is playing Calamity Jane in Deadwood. The actress also has credits in The Sessions, The Good German, and American Horror Story

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin
Abby McEnany

Velma Bruin is Teddi's wife who helps her run Colter's tracking operations inside their house in Florida. The character is played on-screen by Abby McEnany. 

Velma is Colter's main support system during hardship, giving him the care he needs. 

The character is instrumental in unpacking specifics about the suspect behind Mia's disappearance. 

McEnany is known for her roles in Work in Progress, Roomies, and Brown Girl Problems.

Eric Graise - Bob Exley

Eric Graise as Bob Exley
Eric Graise

Eric Graise plays Bob Exley, a computer scientist who owns a security company and is a reliable resource for Colter and his team. 

Bob uses his security company (alongside his wit and will) to decode some of the complex cases that Colter encounters. 

His role in helping solve Mia's disappearance includes tracking her van and checking nearby CCTVs.  

Graise's notable credits include Locke & Key, The Tomorrow War, and Queer as Folk

Fiona Rene - Reenie Greene

Fiona Rene as Rennie Greene
Fiona Rene

Fiona Rene is part of the series regulars of Tracker as Reenie Greene.

Reenie is an attorney who helps Colter Shaw get out of trouble. The pair has a shared past that they don't want to talk about. 

Rennie swooped in to inform Colter that she managed to find a plethora of lawsuits involving the suspect that he was trying to chase. Of course, the pair's interaction comes with occasional flirting. 

Rene has over 40 credits, with roles in The Lincoln Lawyer, Fire Country, and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Anja Savcic - Kira

Anja Savcic as Kira
Anja Savcic

One of the guest stars in Tracker Episode 3 is Anja Savcic as Kira. 

Kira is Mia's sister who seeks Colter's help to find her and uncover why she disappeared. To help with the case, Kira informs him about their traumatic past and her sister's nomad status. 

Savcic previously appeared as Odette Lamar in Nancy Drew, Claire Wilkes in Loudermilk, and Scarlet Leyendecker in Big Sky

Bradley Stryker - Tom Tozer

Bradley Stryker as Tom Tozer
Bradley Stryker

Another guest star in Tracker's latest installment is Bradley Stryker as Tom Tozer. 

Tom is the man who confronted Kira about putting up flyers regarding Mia's disappearance. Colter then protects Kira, leading to a scuffle between him and Tom. 

Stryker's notable credits include Devil in Ohio, Let Him Go, and Cold Pursuit.

Gia Sandhu - Beth

Gia Sandhu as Beth
Gia Sandhu

Gia Sandhu appears as Beth in Episode 3. 

Beth is the doctor who helps Colter in stitching up his wounds after being stabbed by Tom. She also tells Colter about Mia and warns him to not meddle with the situation. 

Sandhu is known for her roles in A Simple Favor, The Moth Diaries, and A Perfect Plan.

Richard Harmon - Gecko/Matt Winslow

Richard Harmon as Matt Winslow
Richard Harmon

Richard Hamon joins the cast of Tracker Episode 3 as Gecko.

Gecko is a local climber who initially interacted with Mia before she went missing. When asked by Colter about Mia, Gecko dismisses him and leaves. 

It is later revealed that he is actually Matt Winslow, the son of Springland's main developers, and Mia's ex-boyfriend.

Harmon's most recognizable role is playing John Murphy in The 100. The actor also has credits in The CW's The Flash as Captain Boomerang and Elliot Rome in The Night Agent

New episodes of Tracker premiere every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day on Paramount+.

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