Full Cast of Tracker Episode 4 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Eric Graise as Bob Exley, Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw, Cassandra Sawtell as Lisa Jefferson

1923 and Scream star Marley Shelton appears as a guest star in Tracker Episode 4. 

The fourth installment of Tracker focuses on Justin Hartley's Colter Shaw as he tries to help Erika, one of Reenie's close friends, search for her missing son, Noah, after dealing with substance abuse. 

Tracker Episode 4 premiered on CBS on March 3. 

Ever Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 4

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley returns as Colter Shaw, a renowned tracker, in Episode 4. 

In the brand-new installment, another missing persons case focused on the son of one of the friends of Colter's close confidants is highlighted. 

Desperate to find the teenage boy alive, Colter goes all-out on his investigation. 

Hartley is best known for his roles in Smallville and Revenge. The actor also appeared as Kevin Pearson in This Is Us

Robin Weigert - Teddi Bruin

Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin in Tracker Episode 4
Robin Weigert

Robin Weigert stars as Teddi Bruin, Colter Shaw's assistant who keeps track of new jobs for him to work on during his cross-country journey. 

In Episode 4,  Colter calls Teddi and Velma to obtain the 4-1-1 on the Shelter Stone Academy. 

Weigert has credits in The Sessions, The Good German, and American Horror Story

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma in Tracker Episode 4
Abby McEnany

Velma Bruin (played by Abby McEnany) is Teddi's wife and Colter's associate. 

She plays a pivotal role in helping Colter exorcise his demons during missions while also helping him track down missing persons in his operations.

McEnany previously appeared in Work in Progress, Roomies, and Brown Girl Problems.

Eric Graise - Bobby Exley

Eric Graise as Bobby Exley in Tracker Episode 4
Eric Graise

Eric Graise's Bobby Exley is a hacker who is instrumental throughout Colter's tracking missions. He is also a proud owner of his security company. 

Bobby helps Colter track the location of Noah's phone as well as call law enforcement in the end to subdue the suspect. 

Fans may recognize Graise for his roles in The Tomorrow War, Queer as Folk, and Locke & Key.

Fiona Rene - Reenie

Fiona Rene as Reenie
Fiona Rene

Fiona Rene brings Reenie to life in Tracker Episode 4. 

Reenie, an attorney, serves as a loyal ally to Colter who usually helps him during missions when his back is against the wall. 

In the latest installment, Reenie seeks Colter's help this time around to assist in the search for the missing son of one of her friends, Erika. 

The budding romance between Reenie and Colter is also pushed to the forefront in Episode 4. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer fans may recognize Rene for her role as Lyla in the series. The actress also appeared in The Lincoln Lawyer, Fire Country, and Stumptown.

Marley Shelton - Erika Kennedy

Marley Shelton as Erika in Tracker Episode 4
Marley Shelton

Erika is Reene's friend who seeks her and Colter's assistance in unpacking the mystery behind her missing son. The character is played by Marley Shelton. 

At one point in Tracker Episode 4, Erika has no clue that her son, Noah, has relapsed due to substance abuse, making things worse about the situation. 

Shelton previously appeared as Emma Dutton in 1923. The actress also has credits in Scream, Tomorrow's Monsters, and Rise.

Hunter Dillon - Noah Kennedy

Hunter Dillon as Noah in Tracker Episode 4
Hunter Dillon

Hunter Dillon plays Noah Kennedy, Erika's missing son whom Colter tries to find in Episode 4. 

It is revealed that Noah suffered from substance abuse and had since relapsed after being enrolled in a high-security school, leading to his disappearance. 

Dillon's most recognizable role is playing Tyler Flaherty in Holly Hobbie. The actor's other notable credits include The Exorcist, Deadpool 2, and Family Law.

Cassandra Sawtell - Lisa Jefferson

Cassandra Sawtell as Lisa Jefferson
Cassandra Sawtell

Cassandra Sawtell joins Tracker's cast as a guest star, playing a character named Lisa Jefferson.

In Episode 4, Lisa is Noah's girlfriend who was badly injured by her ex-boyfriend. Colter interrogates Lisa to find out more about her secret relationship with Noah and how it led to his disappearance.

Sawtell is best known for her appearances in Harper's Island, Good Luck Chuck, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Chris William Martin - Tom Ritter

Chris William Martin as Tom Ritter in Tracker Episode 4
Chris William Martin

Chris William Martin joins the cast of Tracker as Tom Ritter. 

Tom is the head of the school's security chief who helps Colter with the investigation despite initial reluctance from him.

Martin has credits in Chaos Theory, The Vampire Diaries, and I Didn't Kill My Sister.

Peter Bryant - Mr. Gilroy

Peter Bryant as Mr. Gilroy
Peter Bryant

Peter Bryant plays Mr. Gilroy, the head of the school where Noah attends.

In an attempt to find Noah, Mr. Gilroy uses his 12-member security team for his own search party. Later in the episode, Gilroy actively helps Colter during his investigation. 

Bryant is no stranger to playing a principal of a renowned school since he also portrayed Principal Waldo Weatherbee in Riverdale. The actor also appeared in Family Law and The Irrational.

Darius Willis - Johnny 

Darius Willis as Johnny in Tracker Episode 4
Darius Willis

Darius Willis is another guest star in Episode 4. He plays Johnny, a fellow student who last saw Noah before he disappeared. 

Willis is known for his roles in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Prom Pact, and Little Fish.

Tyson Arner - Ray Vernon

Tyson Arner as Ray Vernon in Tracker Episode 4
Tyson Arner

Tyson Arner's Ray Vernon is the main culprit behind Noah's situation in Episode 4. 

Ray is Lisa's ex-boyfriend and a dealer who supplies dangerous drugs to students living inside Shelter Stone Academy. 

Noah confronted Ray to tell him to leave Lisa alone, and this encounter led to his sudden disappearance.

Arner is a stunt performer known for his work on Power Rangers, The Predator, and Star Trek Beyond.

Josh Collins - Alex Cooper

Josh Collins as Alex Cooper in Tracker Episode 4
Josh Collins

Josh Collins is part of Episode 4's cast as Alex Cooper, the bouncer of the bar where Ray works. 

Alex helps Colter gain more information about Ray and what really happened between him and Noah during the night of his disappearance. 

Collins previously appeared in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Joe Pickett, and Supernatural

New episodes of Tracker premiere every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day on Paramount+.

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