Tom Holland’s New Spider-Man 4 Contract Update Excites Fans

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Spider-Man, Tom Holland

New updates from some insiders are teasing incoming news regarding Tom Holland's MCU future in Spider-Man 4 and beyond following his incredible performance in Spider-Man: No Way Home

At the moment, Holland isn't officially confirmed to appear in any other projects as Spider-Man aside from one unnamed MCU film.

In July of this year, insider Jeff Sneider noted that plans are in place for more of the wallcrawler on screen, but he "doesn't actually believe he has actually signed a deal yet."

In a statement made in May 2022, Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman said that he "hope[s] to get working" on Tom Holland's next Spider-Man movie.

Yet, despite all the talk, nothing has been made official. Though, there are rumors that the fourth movie is aiming for a release in July of 2024—some whispers even indicate that Daredevil might be involved.

While there still remains no official word on a new movie, some new updates might offer some promising news.

New Spider-Man Contract Deals Incoming?

Spider-Man 4, Tom Holland

For those wondering what might be next for Tom Holland in the MCU, new information might be just around the corner—at least, according to some updates from a few entertainment insiders.

In a new tweet, The Cosmic Circus' Lizzie Hill drew attention to a previous post from November 8, which included a gif of Tom Holland saying, "that's right, I'm Spider-Man!"

Hill quoted the tweet, saying how she "[hopes] Tom Holland is having a great day!" Most notably, at the end of the sentence, she added a winky face emoji—noting that something was up.

Insider @Culture_Spider gave credit to Lizzie Hill, who pointed out how she "was the first to hint at it:"

"Lizzie knew it was coming and was the first to hint at it. You all know she's a badass."

But what exactly were these two referring to? Well, another tweet from @Culture_Spider made it pretty clear: "New Tom Holland deal comin' right up."

Could Spider-Man 4 and other future outings for Tom Holland's Spider-Man now finally be in the works, with contracts signed and everything? And what projects would such a deal contain?

Alex Perez from The Cosmic Circus crossed out at least one possibility, making it clear how he's heard that "Holland's contract does not feature Disney+ appearances:"

"Holland’s contract does not feature Disney+ appearances I’m being told... So if any "deal" out there includes an appearance in a Disney+ show, chances are it isn't real." 

How Fans Are Reacting to the Spider-Man 4 Rumors

Fans were excited about these rumors. However, while some have treated this news as fact, it's important to know that Holland's signing of a new Spider-Man deal remains unconfirmed and has not yet been reported by a major outlet.

@gilmour34 wished everyone a "good morning" alongside a picture collage:

"Good morning to Tom Holland/his brand new contract and everyone who is happy for him"

One Twitter user, @RS_Art2420, was particularly excited, yelling in full caps to the internet:


@syembiotic also felt like celebrating via yelling to the void:


@Bolt_Tweets predicted that Holland would "squeeze for a bunch of Spider-Man movies" before then going on to retire as the webhead:

"I think he’s going to squeeze for a bunch of Spider-Man movies at once then retire from being Spider-Man. So his own movie trilogy again, madame web, and some avengers stuff, then someone else will take over."

In reference to a meme depicting Holland desperately reaching out to Marvel studios to once again be in the MCU, @ConquerorChuck shared that he was happy to finally be able to delete the meme from his photos:

"Glad I can delete this from my photos."

@spideysarchive pointed out how they were "hoping for another trilogy:"

"No official news yet as far as I know, but it looks like Tom Holland has signed the deal. Hoping for another trilogy!!... This is amazing news to wake up to!"

What's Next for Tom Holland in the MCU?

Spider-Man, Venom, Kingpin

While Tom Holland couldn't stop himself from continually teasing how he might be done with the role post-No Way Home, it would seem that was never the case.

If the above rumors are true, they aren't exactly surprising, seeing as how the movie capped off an origin trilogy for the hero. However, it was clear that Jon Watts' third movie was far from the last time the world had seen his now iconic webhead.

But what's next? Well, Spider-Man 4 is the obvious choice. With the character now alone, trying to get by in New York City, fans could be in for one of the most comic-accurate takes on the character yet.

As for who he might go up against, Kingpin and the Scorpion could be two great guesses. Then there's that symbiote from Tom Hardy's Venom roaming around the MCU.

There's also the unannounced Marvel Studios movie that the Web-Slinger is contractually obligated to be a part of. 

Maybe Spidey will team up with Anthony Mackie in Captain America: New World Order or tag along with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Or that spot will be left for something further down the line, such as Fantastic Four or Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

If the character gets another trilogy, Tom Holland will be around for a long time. Maybe Marvel Studios will also start paving the road for Miles Morales to make his debut.

As for when Spider-Man 4 will release, currently, rumors indicate that the studios are aiming for a July 12, 2024 debut.

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