How Spider-Man: No Way Home Sets Up Miles Morales' Live-Action Debut

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Spider-Man No Way Home Miles Morales Tease Electro

Spider-Man: No Way Home has cemented itself as not only the biggest movie of the year but one of the biggest of all time. The Spidey threequel tore open the seams of the Multiverse by reintroducing various villains from Spider-Man movies of yore. And fans cannot get enough of the third Tom Holland MCU film with the box office numbers hitting heights not seen since before the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

Warning - This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

With No Way Home out in the world, fans finally have their answer regarding just how far the film would explore its Multivesal elements. Both former Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returned in what many are calling the ultimate homage to the wall-crawler's nearly 20-year cinematic history. 

Even with the trio of webheads being featured on-screen and a tease of even more villains than the five that audiences got, the door has been opened to so much more in the webbed world of Spider-Man. One of these potential storylines was even hinted at during No Way Home's two-and-a-half-hour runtime. 

Electro Tease Miles Morales in No Way Home

Miles Morales Electro MCU

During Spider-Man: No Way Home's climactic Statue of Liberty fight, Jamie Foxx's Electro teases the idea of Miles Morales. 

After Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker takes down Electro, the two spark a conversation regarding Spidey's identity.

Having not known what Peter looked like, Max Dillon turns to the web-slinger and says "I just thought you was going to be Black," and after Garfield apologizes, Foxx's villain pontificates on the idea of "a Black Spider-Man somewhere out there" in the Multiverse:

Garfield's Peter: “Max? Max…?”

Max: “Don’t worry, I’m all tapped out.”

Garfield's Peter: “You sure about that?”

Max: “Back to being a nobody”

Garfield's Peter: “You were never a nobody, Max”

Max: “Yes I was, yes I was, you didn’t see me. Can I tell you something though?”

Garfield's Peter: “Yeah”

Max: “You got a nice face, you just a kid”

Garfield's Peter: “Eh”

Max: “You from Queens, you got that suit, you help a lot of poor people. I just thought you was going to be Black.

Garfield's Peter: “Oh man, I’m sorry, sir”

Max: “…got to be a Black Spider-Man somewhere out there.”

Miles Will Come in Time

While this is not an overt confirmation of Miles Morales (a Black Spider-Man) coming to or currently existing in the MCU, it is a clear finger-point from the filmmakers to the idea of Miles. And it feels like not a question of whether Miles will come to the MCU as much as it is a question of when. 

Right now, Mr. Morales is enjoying the spotlight in the animated Spider-Verse series, but despite what fans may think, it doesn't feel like Sony would want two iterations of the character competing at the box office. However, with next year's Across the Spider-Verse being Part One of a two-part story, it could make some sense that once the Spider-Verse trilogy is wrapped up, that is when fans will see the character introduced on the MCU side. 

Tom Holland, Sony, and Marvel Studios have been very vocal about wanting Miles to make the jump into live-action - they just have to get their ducks in a row and find a place where it makes sense to do so. Kevin Feige particularly has proved that he is a stupendous storyteller when it comes t these things so he and his team will likely find a spot for Miles Morales to get introduced. 

Perhaps at the tail-end of this next Holland-centric trilogy, when this iteration of Spidey has aged up a bit, gone through college, grown as a character, and is now in a place where taking on a protege of sorts could work. From there, depending on Holland's feelings about playing Peter Parker, he could pass the wall-crawling torch to the next generation of Spider-Man in Miles Morales. 

But that is potentially so many years down the Marvel Studios and Sony pipeline. Right now though, fans can get their Spidey fix with Spider-Man: No Way Home in theatres worldwide. 

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