Tom Holland Reportedly Locks In New Spider-Man Trilogy With Sony & Marvel

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Tom Holland Spider-Man

Following rumblings that Tom Holland had agreed to return for Spider-Man 4, an industry insider is now sharing what they've heard regarding Tom Holland's new Spider-Man deal, which is said to include a second round of movies that will succeed Marvel Studios and Sony's Home trilogy.

Following uncertainty over Holland's MCU future after his contract came to an end after 2021's Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been eager to know if the young star would be back for more web-slinging fun. 

Holland has previously teased that he would "take a break" from the character after No Way Home, but a new contract with Marvel Studios felt like an inevitability; it was just a matter of when. 

In early November, as first reported by @Culture_Spider on Twitter, news started to spread indicating that a deal for Holland's heavily-awaited Marvel return may be complete.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is Back (Allegedly)

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Speaking on The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, insider Jeff Sneider reported that he has heard Tom Holland has signed a new deal with Sony and Marvel Studios. 

Sneider stated that Holland's new set of commitments would include "another trilogy for sure."

Sneider noted that he "had heard that [Holland] had closed a deal," but that "this is not confirmed," as he didn't receive a response from Marvel Studios when he reached out for comment (The tight-lipped MCU studio rarely, if ever, answers to such news inquires, no matter if they're true or false).

How Real is this Deal? 

It certainly is starting to seem like there may be some validity to the rumors surrounding this new Spider-Man deal. And that is not surprising at all. 

Tom Holland's web-slinging brand of blockbuster has proved to be one of the biggest in the Marvel Studios stable, so of course the studio was going to do everything they could to get the young star back. 

What is interesting to note though is the actual terms of the deal. Sneider says it is "another trilogy for sure," and goes on to mention another three appearances for the webhead as well. 

So what could these other three appearances be? Well, seeing as Spider-Man is such an important part of the Avengers team at this point, one can expect the young hero to pop up in the next two Avengers films. 

And as for that third and final obligation, wouldn't it be great if this newly dubbed "street level [hero]" met up with another of Marvel's biggest street level heroes in Matt Murdock/Daredevil? The two New York-based supers have a history of going on adventures together, so why not have Tom Holland's Spider-Man show up to help Charlie Cox's Man Without Fear in Daredevil: Born Again? 

A stop in Born Again, plus Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, would get Holland to that magic number three and would round out this new contract nicely. 

For now, though, fans sit in eager anticipation as Marvel and Sony have yet to officially announce anything regarding the return of the young star. 

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