Tobey & Andrew's Spider-Men Reportedly Eyed to Return In Upcoming Marvel Movie

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It looks like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will once again be playing their iconic Spider-Man roles sooner rather than later, potentially popping up in next year's Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Ever since the two first put on the suit in 2002 and 2012, the actors have become the hero of their respective generations. 

Their importance in the lives of countless fans was perfectly showcased by how successful Spider-Man: No Way Home was at the box office—a project which saw Maguire and Garfield team up with Tom Holland's more recent version of the web-slinger.

The moment the film ended, audiences wanted more of these previous Spideys, even on top of what the MCU was already giving them. Petitions were started for Sony Pictures to revive The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and many started asking director Sam Raimi if he'd bring Maguire back for Spider-Man 4.

Well, now, it seems that their next appearances have finally been revealed—and it's not quite what one may think.

Garfield and Maguire Could be Going Across the Spider-Verse


The Cosmic Circus reported that there have been discussions about incorporating Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Men as a cameo in either 2023's Across the Spider-Verse or being saved for one in 2024's Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Additionally, in the same report, the outlet also confirmed hearing from multiple sources that Tom Holland's Spidey from the MCU will be making an appearance in Across the Spider-Verse—though it's unclear if the actor himself will take on the role.

To add to the plethora of Spider-Men in the animated sequel, it seems that Yuri Lowenthal (the voice actor from Insomniac's Playstation Spider-Man game) could also be joining Josh Keaton and Christopher Daniel Barnes' versions of the character from Spectacular Spider-Man and the 90s Animated Spider-Man series respectively.

None of these additions are confirmed by Marvel, Sony Pictures, or Disney themselves and are strictly rumors as of now.

The More Spider-Men, the Better

Many thought Avengers: Secret Wars would be the next time Maguire and Garfield would be seen in the red and blue tights, but it seems that it could be three years sooner than originally expected.

However, some might wish they would play a larger role in the proceedings rather than just a cameo. The situation can change quite quickly, so maybe they'll both end up having a bigger part to play.

Though obviously, given the inherent nature of the Spider-Verse movies, involvement from the two of them was always something fans thought was possible. When given the concept of a Spider-Man-themed Multiverse trilogy, some of the writers' first ideas likely drifted somewhere in the vicinity of the character's live-action incarnations.

Seeing Maguire and Garfield will be exciting, but some fans might be more excited to hear how Josh Keaton and Christopher Daniel Barnes may be joining the party as well. 

Keaton's Spectacular Spider-Man is often hailed as the best incarnation of the webhead in any show, while Barnes' Peter Parker would undoubtedly hit all of those nostalgic buttons.

Hopefully, when these next two Spider-Verse movies land, they'll have been worth the weight—and more importantly, be made better by its various cameos and not be dragged down because of them.

Across the Spider-Verse is set to hit theaters on June 2, 2023, and Beyond the Spider-Verse will land on March 29, 2024.

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