Disney+ Releases Fake Fantastic Four Description for New Spider-Man Show

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While Spider-Man has been dominating the big screen for the MCU, the web-slinger's appearance has been minimal on the small screen due to rights issues. After appearing in a significant role in What If...?'s Marvel Zombies episode, Spider-Man is set to be featured in his own Disney+ animated series in Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Aside from MCU appearances, Disney+ also recently added the Spectacular Spider-Man series, a show which is regarded by many as one of the best of the web-slinger. Spectacular Spider-Man is a welcome addition to Disney+, but it seems that the fan-favorite series is no stranger to the streaming service's mistakes. 

To recap, Disney+ had previous errors involving the MCU's timeline, censoring a violent scene from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and accidentally spoiling a key reveal in She-Hulk's finale through a subtitle error.

Now, Spider-Man is the latest victim of a minor Disney+ error.  

Disney+ Reveals Fake Human Torch Appearance in Spectacular Spider-Man

With the recent release of Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney+, a Marvel fan pointed out that a description for Episode 5 claims that the Human Torch is in the episode. The truth is that this Fantastic Four hero doesn't actually appear at all. 

The official description can be seen below: 

“Spectacular Spider-Man and the Human Torch meet in a superhero showdown.”

Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney+

Interestingly, Netflix also has the same issue. In certain regions where Spectacular Spider-Man is available, a longer description also mentioned Human Torch: 

"As Norman Osborn and Hammerhead have Otto Octavius turn Flint Marko into the Sandman, Spider-Man and the Human Torch meet in a superhero showdown."

Spectacular Spider-Man on Netflix

Based on this Reddit post, the episode's description on Netflix has been present at least since December 30, 2020. 

In fact, Vudu also has the same description that mentions Human Torch, with the streaming service even having a more detailed overview of the episode: 

"As Norman Osborn and Hammerhead have Otto Octavius turn Flint Marko into the Sandman, Spectacular Spider-Man and the Human Torch meet in a superhero showdown. But when the Sandman shows up, too, they must join forces to stop him." 

Hammerhead and Norman Osborn's devious scheme to create Sandman is featured in this official image: 

Hammerhead, Sandman

Sandman dukes it out against Spider-Man: 

Sandman, Spider-Man

Infamous Spectacular Spider-Man Description Error Explained

It's quite unfortunate that this error from Spectacular Spider-Man's episode description has been consistently included in three separate streaming services. 

Some have theorized that it's possible that whoever is responsible for the descriptions potentially mixed up Human Torch and Molten Man, considering that the latter does appear in the series. However, Molten Man didn't appear in the Sandman-centric installment.

Although many would agree that this is minor, it's possible that the consistent inclusion of the Human Torch in the description would allow Disney+ to finally fix this issue once and for all. 

Hopefully, no other issues will arise in future additions to Disney+'s expanding library of content. 

The Spectacular Spider-Man is now streaming on Disney+.

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