Titans Season 5 Story Hopes Revealed by Showrunner

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While Titans already ended its four-season run on Max, its showrunner has potential story ideas for Season 5 that would've included notable returning characters. 

Titans Season 4 successfully wrapped up the show's story, with the team defeating Brother Blood and all of them surviving. Despite the impactful ending, some fans are still interested in Season 5. 

Titans showrunner Greg Walker previously said that he wanted to introduce new characters in Season 5, such as The Fearsome Five and Tara, while Superboy actor Joshua Orpin mentioned that he wants to see his DC character go away for a little bit if the show returns for another season

Titans Showrunner Reveals More Season 5 Story Hopes

Red Hood in Titans

Speaking with Cinemablend earlier this year in May, Titans showrunner Greg Walker shared new details about his hopes for a potential story explored in a hypothetical Season 5. 

If Season 5 were to happen, Walker said there'd been conversations about bringing back Season 2 heroes Chelsea Zhang's Rose and Chella Man's Jericho with Curran Walters' Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. 

The showrunner reflected on Rose's current status, noting that they previously "talked about" it while also "playing around" with a Red Hood spinoff: 

"I mean, could you imagine? What would Rose be doing now? I can imagine her and Jason Todd connecting again. We had talked about that, we were playing around with a Red Hood spinoff and bringing Rose back."

Walker continued by offering high praise to Rose actress Chelsea Zhang, before confirming that Season 5 could've explored how Jericho's consciousness is still out there in the world: 

"Chelsea’s such an extraordinary talent, and to be able to tap into that character again and have her brother’s consciousness out there in the world to tap into as well, would be fun. Yeah, that’s a story I would love to do in Season 5. If you can get a Season 5, I’ll do it."

In Titans Season 2, Rose and Jericho were introduced as Slade Wilson's, a.k.a. Deathstroke, children. During the finale, it was revealed that Jericho transferred his consciousness to his father before doing another jump into Rose's body. 

How Rose & Jericho Fit in Potential Titans Season 5

After Season 2 ended, there had been no updates about Rose and Jericho's story in the world of Titans

While it's possible that the pair would've interacted with Jason Todd off-screen, it's quite unfortunate that they didn't show up to help the team in the final few episodes.

Still, Greg Walker's latest comments about a potential Season 5 storyline involving Deathstroke's children indicated that there were indeed plans to bring back the characters. 

Seeing Rose and Jericho back with the team would've been an exciting sight, mainly because the pair's dynamic could've shifted the core group's chemistry.  It would've also led to unique, exciting, and thrilling action sequences.

At this point, though, hopes of seeing Rose and Jericho back for more adventures are considered a pipe dream unless a revival is in order

Titans Season 4 is streaming on Max. 

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