Who Is Tiny from Netflix's Unlocked? Inmate Charges Explained

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Tiny from Netflix's Unlocked

Netflix's Unlocked: A Jail Experiment features a prisoner going by the name Tiny at the Pulaski County Detention Center.

What Is Unlocked's Tiny in Prison For?

Krisna Pino Clarke gets the nickname "Tiny" due to his short stature and regular place as the lowest-standing in any group at just five foot three.

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35-year-old Clarke has spent time in and out of prison since he was just 19, with aggravated robbery and 1st-degree robbery among his charges.

During the show, Tiny explained how the bullying he faced due to his height and nickname led him to carry a knife with him. This led to him stabbing a bully at a young age and encounters with law enforcement over the years.

Since the Unlocked jail experiment took place, Tiny has been released from his imprisonment at Pulaski County. This has allowed him to finally reconnect with his son to appreciate the basic freedoms of fresh air and open space, something he has attributed to the Netflix series and the unique jail experiment.

Throughout Unlocked, it became clear Tiny had been trying to reconnect with his son - who even visited him during the Netflix show - as they had become distanced due to his confinement in prison at Pulaski County.

This became the source of a particular moment of anger for Tiny as a 24-hour lockdown due to a violent fight prevented him from contacting his son.

Unlocked: A Jail Experiment is streaming now on Netflix.

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