Thor 4 Leak Teases How Natalie Portman Becomes a Marvel Superhero

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Natalie Portman Thor 4 hero

When Thor: Love and Thunder was first announced, it wasn't Chris Hemsworth's Thor that was put in the spotlight. No, it was Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, who came out on stage shortly after it was revealed that her character would not only be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that the good doctor would harness the power of Mjolnir herself.

No details were given as to how it will all go down, and fans are still in the dark when it comes to any details. Early set photos showed Jane visiting the site where the iconic hammer was shattered, leading many to suspect it could be the moment before she gets her new gifts.

Thor Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman

Previously leaked promotional material showcased her character in full costume, sporting Mjolnir and all. On top of that, the hammer seems to be made of all the original broken remains of Thor's previous weapon, all pieced and held together by a mysterious power.

Now, thanks to some more leaks, fans have a brand-new tease as to what to expect when Jane Foster makes the leap to god status.

Mysterious Origins Teased for Thor 4

Thanks to Reddit user u/Nashetania, a newly leaked photo from the upcoming line of Marvel Legends figures for Thor: Love and Thunder has been revealed which offers a fresh tease as to how Natalie Portman's Jane Foster comes to hold Mjolnir.

On the back of the box for her figure, the description reads: “Jane Foster’s life is forever changed when she mysteriously comes to possess the hammer Mjolnir… and the power of the Mighty Thor!”

Thor, Love and Thunder, Jane

Another Reddit user, u/SpeedForce2022, revealed an additional new description for one of Chris Hemsworth's new outfits, titled Ravager Thor, that says: "Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker against a terrifying new foe."

Thor, Love and Thunder, Jane


Natalie Portman Gets an Upgrade

The new descriptions don't provide any super specific details fans may have wanted, but it's still something. The wording of "when she mysteriously comes to possess the hammer Mjolnir" seems to confirm that Jane's god-level power comes from Mjolnir itself and not somewhere else.

While not explicitly confirmed either, it's still an easy conclusion that the hammer in her hands is the pieced together remains of the one Hela shattered in Thor: Ragnarok. But what could cause the hammer to not only reform itself but also choose Jane Foster as a successor?

Fans will have to wait until July 8 when the movie hits theaters to know all of the answers. Hopefully, the project actually gets a trailer before that, one which showcases Jane Foster's God of Thunder in all her live-action glory.

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