The Trust: Netflix Episode 8 Finale Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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There is only one episode remaining for Netflix's The Trust, leading fans to wonder which player will take home the prize money from the vault. 

The stakes are getting higher every week in the new greed-centered reality series as six out of the 11 players have already been ousted from the villa. The eliminated contestants were Juelz, Simone, Bryce, Jay, Winnie, and Lindsey. 

With five players remaining, alliances and hidden schemes are expected to be vital in the highly-anticipated finale. 

When Will The Trust Episode 8 Release on Netflix?

The Trust Netflix Season 1 contestants

The first four episodes of Netflix's The Trust premiered on January 10. 

On January 17, the next three (episodes 5 to 7) were released on the streaming service.

As the betrayals and schemes get more daunting, Netflix viewers will finally find out which player (or players) will come out on top and equally share $250,000.

Netflix has since confirmed that The Trust Episode 8, aka the finale, is set to be released on Wednesday, January 24, at 3:00 a.m. ET. 

What To Expect in The Trust's Finale

The Trust's last three episodes were intense and featured plenty of shocking developments inside the villa. 

After Bryce admitted in Episode 1 that he is actually a millionaire and lied to the rest of the contestants, this reveal has lingered on his mind, carrying over into the ensuing episodes. 

Bryce was eventually eliminated after being voted out by the alliance of Julie, Winnie, and Tolú. 

The strong bond of the trio did not last long either as Winnie was also ousted from the villa after the boys (led by Gaspare) voted her out. 

The scheming did not stop there as another contestant, Lindsey, was eliminated after Tolú (seeking revenge for Winnie's goodbye) and Gaspare (who said that she's a complete mystery to his group and can't be trusted) voted her out during the Trust ceremony.  

The Trust's unpredictable nature was further driven home when Jay decided to eliminate herself so that she could go home with $25,000. 

With the finale looming, the odds are stacked against Julie and Tolú as they are the two remaining women who are loyal to each other. Brian, Gaspare, and Jake could simply eliminate them both and receive equal shares from the vault. 

But in this game of trust and betrayal, there is a good chance that it is an every-man-for-himself situation in the final Trust ceremony. 

The first seven episodes of The Trust are streaming on Netflix. 

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