Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 6 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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The release date for Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 6 has been revealed along with when the rest of the season will begin streaming. 

Building upon the foundation set forth by the Korean thriller Squid Game, The Challenge is Netflix's latest reality craze, allowing contestants to live out some of the best moments from the fan-favorite series. 

The first batch of episodes is streaming now on the platform as 456 people compete in high-stakes children's games for the chance to win $4.56 million.

Squid Game: The Challenge Release Schedule Updated

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Netflix officially confirmed the release schedule for the rest of Squid Game: The Challenge including the highly-anticipated Episode 6. 

Episode 6 will debut on the service at 3 a.m. ET on November 29, along with Episodes 7-9. 

Following that, Episode 10 (the Season 1 finale) will drop a week later at 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday, December 6. 

This release cycle is fairly typical of recent Netflix reality releases (i.e. Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, and Love Is Blind), with episodes dropping in two sets before a finale coming all on its own. 

The full list of remaining episodes and their release dates can be seen below:

  • Episode 6 - November 29
  • Episode 7 - November 29
  • Episode 8 - November 29
  • Episode 9 - November 29
  • Episode 10 (finale) - December 6

What Will Happen in Squid Game: The Challenge's Second Half?

Of course, Squid Game: The Challenge is hurdling towards the inevitable handing out of its record-breaking $4.56 million prize, but what can fans expect before they get there? 

So far, audiences have been treated to several set pieces from the Squid Game series with participants taking on the reality show's shenanigans

The likes of Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona Candy Challenge, and Warhip (a super-sized take on Battleship have all been seen, along with a few others. 

There are still some iconic games from the original Squid Game series for The Challenge to tackle. Heavy hitters like Tug-o-War, Hopscotch, and the titular Squid Game are all seemingly set to still make appearances. 

And playing those games will be a meager 63 contestants. Thus far 393 of the 456 players have all been eliminated, meaning it is getting down to the nitty gritty as to who will take home the prize cash. 

With only half the episodes of The Challenge left to year, surely those numbers will widdle down more and more until there is only one left standing. 

Episodes 1-5 of Squid Game: The Challenge are streaming now on Netflix. 

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