The Marvels: Disney+ Announces Streaming Release Date for Sequel's Marvel Legends Episodes

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Disney+ revealed the official release date for The Marvels' Marvel Studios: Legends episodes. 

Captain Marvel 2 is mere weeks away from hitting theaters, bringing with it a headlining trio of MCU heroines who find themselves entangled by way of their superpowers. 

After making her Marvel Studios debut way back in 2019, Brie Larson's Carol Danvers will be joined by Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan (who first appeared in her Disney+ series Ms. Marvel) and Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau (from WandaVision)

Seeing as The Marvels is a group affair "akin to the first Avengers" with characters never before seen on the big screen, fans may have to brush up on their MCU history a bit, especially for those who have not followed along with the franchise's streaming fare. 

The Marvels' Disney+ Legends Episodes On the Way

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According to Disney+, the Marvel Studios: Legends episodes for The Marvels will hit Disney+ on Friday, November 3.

The streamer confirmed the news by way of an official press release, detailing the three installments into the long-running Marvel Studios series that serve as precursors to the MCU blockbuster. 

The three episodes are titled "Carol Danvers," "Kamala Khan," and "Monica Rambeau," catching fans up on the trio of heroes heading into the upcoming film. 

It is currently unclear if these episodes will come to YouTube at a future date, as some of the recently released Legends episodes have been doing

While some may be itching for more when it comes to these Marvel Studios recaps, getting only three sounds about right for the upcoming film. 

The one name audiences may throw out as deserving of a Legends episode heading into Captain Marvel 2, would be Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury

However, the longtime MCU just recently got the Legends treatment headed into the Secret Invasion series. So, doing another one would be counter-productive as it would only feature footage from his Disney+ show. 

Seeing as The Marvels is very much a Carol, Kamala, and Monica story, it makes sense why they are the only ones to get new Legends episodes. 

And because - at least from the outside - it doesn't look like the Captain Marvel sequel will deal with things like the Multiverse or Variants, there is no need for any jargon-specific Legends installments like those that were released before Loki Season 2. 

The Marvels comes to theaters on Friday, November 10. 

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