The Mandalorian: Unused Concept Art Reveals Baby Yoda Backpack on Din Djarin

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Baby Yoda Backpack, The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian arrived on Disney+ to rave reviews from all across the globe in the Fall of last year, earning the new Star Wars property scores of critical acclaim as well. This is a series that came in as a new addition to one of the most deeply established properties in sci-fi history and walked away from the 2020 Emmys with seven wins and fifteen total nominations.

Even for all the incredible boundaries it broke and the accolades it earned, fans of all levels seemed to have a consensus favorite new addition to the Star Wars universe: Baby Yoda. While the Child’s travels with Pedro Pascal’s star character are already the stuff of legend, just like in any major franchises, some of the designs go through a number of different versions and changes.

Now, some early versions of the fan-favorite character’s mode of transportation have come to light...


In a new release on Twitter, a few pages of the all-new “The Art of The Mandalorian” book from Abrams Books have been revealed for the first time. One page gives an early piece concept art depicting a more egg-shaped backpack that Baby Yoda could've traveled in on the back of Din Djarin.

The egg-backpack was later changed to the pod design that can move freely which can be seen in the aired episode. This can be seen below:

Baby Yoda concept art
From Phil Szostak

The tweet revealing this design and other season 1 illustrations can be seen here:



While the final cut of The Mandalorian season 1 ended up with The Child in the pod rather than the backpack, there were almost certainly dozens more designs that the production team went through before settling on the final look. Nobody could’ve imagined just how popular the character would be upon his debut, as Disney purposefully omitted Baby Yoda from all of the show's pre-launch marketing despite the character appearing in all 8 episodes of the series.

Season 2 is set to feature even more of everyone’s favorite green-mini sidekick, already including appearances in the new logo and the debut poster that released recently. The Mandalorian Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ on October 30, and the fan base is already craving every bit of Baby Yoda that they can handle and more.

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