The Mandalorian Season 3: Dave Filoni Plays Coy on Upcoming Release

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It wouldn't be Star Wars Day without hearing from the padawan of Lucas himself.

Dave Filoni has been on a tear for Lucasfilm as of late, somehow managing to juggle the final season of The Clone Wars and kicking off its immediate sequel, The Bad Batch , all while working on The Mandalorian , The Book of Boba Fett , and writing Ahsoka in the live-action realm. Suffice to say, Filoni is an extremely busy man.

With this year's festivities kicking off with the extended premiere of The Bad Batch , the executive producer of the series has taken to the Zoom chat room to discuss what fans can expect.

While The Bad Batch was the primary focus of his most recent interview, an end to the discussion without any sort of question regarding the third season of the insanely popular show, The Mandalorian , was an impossibility...


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In an interview with Good Morning America , executive producer Dave Filoni elected not to divulge many details regarding The Mandalorian Season 3, though he did provide a small update on the current productions in that timeline:

"That's a tricky one. I don't like to go into those answers too much without my partner, Jon Favreau. It's exciting; we're both working on [The Mandalorian Season 3], we're working on [The Book of] Boba Fett right now."

There was little more for the creative mind to share, though he did tease more "new adventures" to come:

"There's a lot of new adventures coming up. I can't really say anything specific, but I think the Force will be strong with this, let's just say that."

Filoni's full response can be seen in the Tweet below:


Dave Filoni has never been in the business of giving any spoilers away, so his coy response to GMA's inquiry comes as little surprise.

It is a bit strange that there hasn't been an official update on when The Mandalorian's third season will begin rolling cameras, but the assumption can be made that the news won't be without fanfare when the time does arrive.

The Book of Boba Fett' s production has seemingly taken longer than previously anticipated, though word has spread that visual effects work is underway as the series' December release approaches.

With the twist ending of Luke Skywalker rescuing and taking Grogu, it's hard for The Mandalorian's creators to tease future stories. When the first season ended, there was a clear path ahead for Mando and his charge, but the door is now left wide open for the series to go anywhere. There will undoubtedly be more conflicts to arise, and Din Djarin's arc with Grogu is certainly far from over. Still, any hints to the future would enter spoiler territory that Filoni prefers to avoid.

As the year moves along, word of The Mandalorian Season 3's production status and official release window will be made clear. The Book of Boba Fett is still on the menu for this winter, serving as the first of many tie-in series to The Mandalorian .

While that story plays out, another will be on its way in Season 3 of The Mandalorian , and Star Wars fans will be able to watch Mando in action before they know it.

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