The Mandalorian Star Reveals If Bo-Katan Will Fight Mando

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Bo-Katan Kryze, Mandalorian

Following some on-screen tension between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze, Katee Sackhoff recently explained how her character feels about the Mandalorian.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian is now well underway on Disney+, and all eyes are currently on the relationship between Din and Bo-Katan after the Season 2 finale saw the former win the Darksaber - the weapon that Bo-Katan desperately desires.

Before the release of Season 3, many speculated that Bo-Katan may band together with some of her Mandalorian warriors and formally challenge Din for the weapon.

However, the first two installments of the new batch of episodes proved that she may be past her fighting days when it comes to conflict with other Mandalorians.

Why Bo-Katan Won't Fight Din Djarin

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In an interview with Deadline, Bo-Katan Kryze actress Katee Sackhoff talked about Season 3 of The Mandalorian, specifically letting fans into the mind of her character and why she is making certain choices at the moment on-screen.

When asked why Bo-Katan is simply sitting by at the beginning of Season 3 and not pursuing the Darksaber, Sackhoff stated that fans have to look at the character's past:

"We have to go back to see why she’s doing what she’s doing. This is a person who has fought, fought against her own people. She’s fought forever and she realizes that doesn’t work. You can’t continue to fight amongst yourselves."

The actress then talked about Bo-Katan's relationship with Din in the Star Wars series and explained why he isn't "her enemy:"

"I think with Din — I don’t know if I’ll go as far as to say that she respects and trusts him — but she doesn’t not. He’s done nothing. If didn’t have the darksaber, he’s done nothing that would make him her enemy."

According to Sackhoff, Bo-Katan also simply just isn't "going to fight her people anymore" because when she has done that in the past, it "didn't work:"

"I think that is her problem is that she realizes that she’s not going to fight her people anymore. She’s not going to fight someone who she doesn’t have a reason to fight. Every single possibility, every place that she’s at right now, every direction she’s done before didn’t work before. That’s what she’s trying to figure out."

Sackhoff was also asked about Bo-Katan's change in attitude between Seasons 2 and 3. The actress stated that in the time since she was last seen, she lost "all her people" and currently "cannot see a path that she hasn't taken already:"

"If you go by the timeline that Jon [Favreau] and Dave [Filoni] are acting on, in that it’s been a few years. She has had time to lose all her people. They’re not following her anymore which means she’s not a leader without the darksaber, but she doesn’t know how to go about getting the darksaber in such a way that’s going to result in her not losing her people. That means she’s not going to — we have six episodes left. It’s just that at this impasse right here that we’re at in this first episode. She cannot see a path that she hasn’t taken already that hasn’t failed her."

The actress also said that, in the case of Season 3, Bo-Katan would be trying to get the Darksaber from "somebody [she] actually [has] respect for" as opposed to "an enemy:"

"At that point, she was trying get the darksaber from an enemy. It’s easier to fight an enemy for something than it is to fight somebody you actually have respect for or has done nothing to upset you. That’s where she’s at."

Sackhoff then even mentioned The Clone Wars, specifically talking about the death of the character's sister and how that has affected her through the years:

"We have to go back to the responsibility and the guild that she feels for the death of Satine [Editor’s note Bo-Katan’s sister]. That is weighing on her a well. There is a part of Bo in a way trying to right the wrong, atone for that guilt."

The actress was then asked about how much Bo-Katan respects Din, to which she revealed that she does, but "she also respects what the Darksaber stands for." Sackhoff revealed that Bo-Katan thinks of Din as more of "a religious fanatic:"

"She does and she also respects what the darksaber stands for. She doesn’t necessarily think he’s old school as much as she thinks he’s a religious fanatic."

Will Bo-Katan Fight Alongside Din?

Now that Sackhoff revealed Bo-Katan's true intentions, she may end up fighting alongside Din as opposed to fighting against him.

The character spent a lot of her life fighting her people - most notably when she was a member of Death Watch, and then when she had to fight against the Mandalorians that stood with Darth Maul.

However, it all depends on just how badly she wants the Darksaber. She got a brief taste of ruling Mandalore at one point in time, and if the desire to be back in that role gets strong enough, she may just challenge Din for the weapon.

Due to her experience, Din would be in for a challenging duel, and it is hard to imagine that he would be able to best her, even though he would be using the Darksaber.

Only time will tell what Bo-Katan's true intentions are, and fans will likely know more each week as Season 3 progresses.

The first two episodes of Season 3 of The Mandalorian are currently streaming on Disney+, and new episodes premiere every Wednesday.

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