Will Christian Bale's Batman Return In The Flash Movie? New Rumor Offers Answer

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Batman Christian Bale The Flash Movie Return

A new rumor provided an update on whether or not fans will see Christian Bale return as Batman in the DCU's next movie, The Flash.

As The Flash looks to serve as a semi-transition between Zack Snyder's story and the new narrative under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, this movie will pull together countless heroes and villains from across the Multiverse.

This is especially true on the Batman front, with Michael Keaton's 1989 hero playing a key role alongside Ezra Miller's Flash while Ben Affleck will make one short, final appearance as the DCEU's Caped Crusader.

There have also been rumors centered on Batman & Robin's George Clooney being included in the post-credits scene, and it doesn't even appear that the Batman rumors have stopped with him.

Christian Bale's Batman in The Flash?

The Flash movie

Geeks Worldwide's KC Walsh shared on Twitter that Christian Bale will not appear as Batman in The Flash.

Responding to a comment that appeared sure of Bale's inclusion in the story, Walsh quickly and firmly responded with "100% no."

He continued by responding to another fan hoping for Bale to be involved with The Flash, hinting that he "gave a clue" about which hero is set to make a cameo appearance in a previous response.

This comes after numerous other DC cameos have been reported for The Flash, including a couple of key members of the Justice League.

Why Bale's Batman Might Be Misplaced in The Flash

Christian Bale's Batman from the Dark Knight Trilogy existed in arguably the most realistic and grounded universe of any Batman to date, making it unlikely that he would fit into the multi-dimensional and fantastical story being told in The Flash.

On top of that, he's mentioned that he would be unlikely to come back to his role as Batman without Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan involved, and Nolan hasn't been part of anything DC-related since he helped produce 2013's Man of Steel.

But while Bale is almost sure to be a no-show for The Flash, DC's second of four 2023 movies is rumored to open the proverbial floodgates with heroes and villains from elsewhere in the Multiverse.

The Flash is set to arrive in theaters on June 16.

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