Full Cast of The Family Business Season 5 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Ernie Hudson is back to lead the cast of The Family Business Season 5 as LC Duncan. 

Season 5 of the popular BET+ crime drama series revolves around a civil war among the Duncans as secrets are unpacked and betrayals emerge as enemies from within the family surface. 

The Family Business Season 5 premiered on BET+ on July 4.

Every Main Cast Member of The Family Business Season 5

Ernie Hudson - LC Duncan

Ernie Hudson as LC Duncan in Family Business Season 5
Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson returns to star as LC Duncan, the head of the family and the CEO of their business (both legal and illegal) who is known for his tenacious reputation. 

In Season 5, LC Duncan is at a crossroads with protecting his family because he is still reeling from the fact that Junior already departed and he was abducted by Larry and Junior. Elsewhere, LC also welcomes Vegas home, which is a key moment considering their allies are slowly becoming enemies. 

Hudson is best known for his role as Winston Zeddmore in the Ghostbusters movies. The actor also starred in Quantum Leap, The Crow, and City on a Hill.

Valarie Pettiford - Charlotte Duncan

Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Valarie Pettiford

Bringing the matriarch of the Duncan Family to life in The Family Business is Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan.

Charlotte is known for keeping the family's bond as strong as possible amid the challenges that arrive. She will also not think twice about killing those who hurt any member of her family. 

Pettiford previously appeared in Half & Half, The X-Files, and The Blacklist.

Darrin Henson - Orlando Duncan

Darrin Henson as Orlando Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Darrin Henson

Darrin Henson stars as Orlando Duncan, the CEO of Duncan Motors and one of LC Duncan's reliable sons. 

The Family Business Season 4 finale sees Orlando helping Ruby (the escort that he impregnated) go through an IVF session to save their son. 

However, the doctors told them the news that it would take over a year to bear a child through IVF, leading Ruby to decide to do it the natural way by seducing Orlando.

Henson is best known for his roles in Till Death Do Us, Double Cross, and Fordbidden Daughter.

Emilio Rivera - Alejandro Zuniga

Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Emilio Rivera

Alejandro Zuniga (played by Emilio Rivera) is the ruthless Mexican leader of his drug cartel and Consuela's husband.

The Zuniga cartel is the Duncan family's longtime foe in the world of crime, but he has been actively trying to be on their good side recently. 

Rivera has credits in Mayans M.C., Sons of Anarchy, and Gang Related.

Yadi Rivera - Consuela Zuniga

Yadi Rivera as Consuela Zuniga in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Yadi Rivera

Yadi Rivera plays Consuela Zuniga, the wife of Mexican crime boss Alejandro who built a reputation for being ruthless and terrifying to her enemies.

In The Family Business, everything has a price for Consuela since it is all about business for her.

Rivera's notable credits include Mayans M.C., The Devil's in the Details, and Water & Power.

Javicia Leslie - Paris Duncan

Javicia Leslie as Patricia Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie plays Paris Duncan, the youngest daughter of the Duncan family who is an expert in fighting and killing. 

Paris is hellbent on seeking revenge for what happened to her father, L.C., but this is disrupted by the arrival of her ex-lover, Niles Monroe. 

Arrowverse fans may recognize Leslie for her role as Ryan Wilder (aka Batwoman) in The CW's Batwoman. The actress also appeared in God Friended Me and Double Life.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. - Harris Grant

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Harris Grant in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. reprises his role as Harris Grant, the Duncans' family lawyer and London's husband. He is well-versed with the ins and outs of the Duncan family business.

At the end of Season 4, Harris took part in an initiation to join Alejandro and become part of La Cosa Nostra. 

Núñez Jr. has over 140 credits, with roles in Spawns, Cocaine Sisters, and 17 Days.

Tami Roman - London Duncan-Grant

Tami Roman as London Duncan-Grant in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Tami Roman 

Tami Roman returns as London Duncan-Grant, the Duncan family's eldest daughter who holds deep dark secrets outside of the family business. 

London will do anything to protect her family even if killing one of their own. 

Roman's other most recognizable role is playing Lillian Scoville in Truth Be Told. The actress also starred in The Ms. Pat Show, A La Carte, and Haus of Vicious.

Sean Ringgold - Junior Duncan

Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan in The Family Business Season 5
Sean Ringgold

Sean Ringgold stars as Junior Duncan, the eldest son of the Duncan family who serves as their security specialist.

Things take a turn in Season 4 when Junior, fueled by his misplaced emotions, leaves the family after finding out that Donna is his real mother and not Charlotte.

Ringgold's notable credits include Notorius, American Gangster, and Uncut Gems.

Dylan Weber - Nevada Duncan

Dylan Weber as Nevada Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Dylan Weber

Dylan Weber is part of The Family Business cast as Nevada Duncan, Vegas' son who is an expert hacker. 

Weber's notable credits include roles in Circuit Breaker and Throwback Holiday.

Michael Jai White - Vegas Duncan

Michael Jai White as Vegas Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White appears as Vegas Duncan, Junior's brother and a notable member of the Duncan family who was initially missing but eventually found his way back home. 

The last time fans saw Vegas was during Season 4's finale as he was hellbent on finding Kenny so that he could gain intel about his father's whereabouts. 

White can be seen in Black Dynamite, Spawn, and Blood and Bone.

Stan Shaw - Larry Duncan

Stan Shaw as Larry Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Stan Shaw

Stan Shaw joins the cast of The Family Business as Larry Duncan, LC's brother who is seeking revenge against him for putting him inside a mental institution. 

Fueled by revenge and his desire to kill LC, Larry makes decisions based on emotions that put him and his son, Junior, in danger. 

Shaw is known for his roles in The Monster Squad, Daylight, and Rising Sun.

Ben Stephens - Curtis Duncan

Ben Stephens as Curtis Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Ben Stephens

Ben Stephens brings Curtis Duncan to life in The Family Business

Curtis is LC Duncan's nephew and a bounty hunter who is loyal to Vegas. 

Aside from acting on-screen, Stephens serves as The Family Business' associate producer. The actor also has credits in Stacked and Sweet Oranges.

Bern Nadette Stanis - Nee Nee Duncan

Bern Nadette Stanis as Nee Nee Duncan in The Family Business Season 4, Episode 10
Bern Nadette Stanis

Bern Nadette Stanis joins the world of The Family Business as Nee Nee Duncan.

Nee Nee is Larry's wife who gets conflicted over her husband's betrayal of the family. 

Stanis is best known for portraying Thelma Evans in over 100 episodes of Good Times. The actress also appeared in N-Secure, The Urbans, and No Regrets.

The Family Business Season 5 is available to stream on BET+.

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