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Ms. Pat Show

Patricia "Ms. Pat" Williams returns to lead the cast of The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 on BET+ as more drama unfolds.

Season 4 of the comedy series is set to continue to show the ups and downs of Ms. Pat's family as they navigate their lives in a conservative suburban Indiana town. 

Every Main Cast Member of Ms. Pat Show Season 4

Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams - Patricia “Pat” Ford Carson

Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams as Patrica Ford Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams

Patricia "Ms. Pat" Williams brings Patricia "Pat" Ford Carson to life in The Ms. Pat Show Season 4.

Pat made a life-changing transition by moving from Atlanta to Indiana to start fresh with her second husband and four children. 

In Season 4, Williams spoke with Deadline in May 2023 about the expectations surrounding the new batch of episodes, teasing that they "will be better than prior seasons:"

"It’s going to be another great and funny season and we’re so excited. I don’t want to give anything away but as you know, we’re always challenging ourselves. What I will say is that Season 4 will be better than prior seasons."

Williams' notable credits include Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and Drugstore June.

J. Bernard Calloway - Terry Carson

J. Bernard Calloway as Terry Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
J. Bernard Calloway 

J. Bernard Calloway reprises his role as Terry Carson, Pat's second husband in the series. 

Terry provides Pat with the love and care that she needs after spending time with her abusive first spouse. 

In an interview with BET+ ahead of Season 4, Calloway opened up about what to expect with Terry:

"You know when you're young and things happen in your life you don't understand why, but as you get older you discover why those things happened and why your parents made the decision—this season encompasses that a lot for myself, for Terry, for Pat, the kids, even for Denise."

Calloway is best known for his roles in Law & Order, The Equalizer, and The Crew.

Tami Roman - Denise Ford

Tami Roman as Denise Ford in The Ms. Pat Show
Tami Roman

Tami Roman returns as Denise Ford, Pat's free-spirited sister who lives with her in Indiana alongside her family. 

Denise has had her fair share of struggles with abuse and drugs, but thankfully, she has Pat alongside her every step of the way to move forward.

Roman has credits in Truth Be Told, Girl in the Closet, and Whatever It Takes.

Vince Swann - Brandon James

Vince Swann as Brandon James in The Ms. Pat Show
Vince Swann

Vince Swann is back as Brandon James, Pat's eldest son. He is based on Ms. Pat's son, Nikia.

Swann previously appeared in Will Trent, The Rookie: Feds, and The Grotto.

Briyana Guadalupe - Janelle Carson

Briyana Guadalupe as Janelle Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
Briyana Guadalupe

Briyana Guadalupe plays Janelle Carson, Pat and Terry's daughter and Brandon's younger sister. 

In Season 4, Episode 1, Janelle confronts Allison (Junebug's girlfriend) about manipulating her brother over caring for her new baby. 

Guadalupe's other major credits include Found and Tales.

Theodore John Barnes - Junebug Carson

Theodore John Barnes as Junebug Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
Theodore John Barnes

Theodore John Barnes appears as Pat's youngest and social media-obsessed son, Junebug Carson.

Junebug makes a surprising revelation in Season 4, Episode 1 by bringing his pregnant girlfriend, Allison, into their house. As expected, he gets scolded by his mother due to this debacle. 

However, he later reveals that Allison's baby is not his and he is just trying to help her find a place to stay after being kicked out.

Barnes had a memorable appearance as a Young Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The actor also starred in Back in the Game and Revival

Brittany Inge - Ashley James

Brittany Inge as Ashley James in The Ms. Pat Show
Brittany Inge

Ashley James (played by Brittany Inge) is Pat's eldest daughter with whom she shares a rocky relationship during the start of the series due to being a lesbian. 

Brittany and Pat already made amends with the former's sexual identity and they now have a stable mother-daughter bond. 

Inge's most recognizable role is playing Crystal Garrett in Boomerang. The actor also appeared in Atlanta and The Game.

Reagan Pasternak - Elizabeth Patterson

Reagan Pasternak as Elizabeth Patterson in The Ms. Pat Show
Reagan Pasternak

Reagan Pasternak's Elizabeth Patterson is Denise and Pat's best friend and Ryan's (Junebug's friend) mother. 

Elizabeth serves as Pat and Denise's accomplice in some of the pair's hilarious schemes in The Ms. Pat Show.

Pasternak has over 50 credits to her name, with roles in Sharp Objects, Good Trouble, and In a Heartbeat

Josh Dunn - Jesse

Josh Dunn as Jesse in The Ms. Pat Show
Josh Dunn

Portraying Jesse in the world of The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 is Josh Dunn. 

Jesse is Janelle's non-binary friend who occasionally helps Pat with proper social interactions within the community of the small local town.

Jesse appears in Episode 3 to help Janelle navigate the fact that she did not get into her preferred college.

Dunn's other major credits include This Is the Year and Suburbicon

Ebony Marshall-Oliver - Mildred Ford

Ebony Marshall-Oliver as Mildred Ford in The Ms. Pat Show
Ebony Marshall-Oliver

Ebony Marshall-Oliver is part of the cast as Mildred Ford, Pat and Denise's mother who died during Season 2, Episode 1.

Mildred appears as a ghost in Season 4, Episode 3 to confront Pat and Denise about the current status of their lives.

Marshall-Oliver's other on-screen TV credit is playing a middle-aged mother in Evil

Richard Lawson - Major Carson

Richard Lawson as Major Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
Richard Lawson

Major Carson is Terry's adoptive father who has a history of cheating on his mother, Jewell. The character is played on-screen by Richard Lawson.

Lawson can be seen in For Colored Girls, Poltergeist, and Streets of Fire.

Janet Hubert - Jewell Carson

Janet Hubert as Jewell Carson in The Ms. Pat Show
Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert joins Season 4's cast as Jewell Carson, Terry's mother who is not a fan of the fact that Pat had a history of drug use. 

Hubert is known for her roles in Pose, Christmas Belles, and Snatched.

Jordan E. Cooper - Sadiq Shay

Jordan E. Cooper as Saddiq Shay in The Ms. Pat Show
Jordan E. Cooper

Jordan E. Cooper guest stars as Sadiq Shay in The Ms. Pat Show Season 4. 

Cooper is also the show's creator and executive producer alongside Patricia Williams.

Cooper previously starred in Pose, Wolf, and Mama Got a Cough.

Michel Curiel - Darius

Michel Curiel as Darius in The Ms. Pat Show
Michel Curiel

Michel Curiel joins the cast of The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 as Darius.

Darius appears in Season 4, Episode 1 as a medical assistant who arrives after Allison gives birth to her son. 

Curiel has credits as Arthur in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Jeremiah Cedar in Panhandle, and Marcus Brooks in Tales.

Mason Douglas - Black Tanner

The Direct Image

Mason Douglas shows up in The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 as Black Tanner.

Black Tanner is the father of Allison's baby who appears in Episode 2. Upon finding out the truth, Junebug is disappointed over Allison's decision to cheat on him with Black Tanner.

Douglas appeared in BMF, Perimeter, and Finding Happy

Flex Alexander - Pastor Jenkins

Flex Alexander as Pastor Jenkins in The Ms. Pat Show
Flex Alexander

Flex Alexander's Pastor Jenkins appears in The Ms. Pat Show Season 4, Episode 2 while the Carson family attends a worship service.

Denise appears to be attracted to Pastor Jenkins and she is not afraid to show that she likes him during his visit to the Carson family home.

Alexander is known for his roles in Snakes on a Plane, One on One, and The Hills Have Eyes 2

Sarah Borne - Allison

Sarah Borne as Allison in Dynasty
Sarah Borne

Sarah Borne appears in the first two episodes of The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 as Allison, Junebug's pregnant girlfriend and the mayor's daughter who cheats on him with Black Tanner. 

Season 4, Episode 2 sees Allison having a heart-to-heart conversation with Junebug about breaking up with him to choose Black Tanner since he is the real father of her child, Jordan.

Borne is best known for playing Baby Doll in Doom Patrol. The actress also appeared in Just Beyond, Newlywed Nightmare, and Queens.

Debra Wilson - Veronica

Debra Wilson as Veronica in The Ms. Pat Show
Debra Wilson

Debra Wilson guest stars in The Ms. Pat Show Season 4, Episode 3 as a medium named Veronica whom Denise invites to the Carson family home. 

Veronica helps Denise and Pat navigate their mother's death by communicating with her in the afterlife. 

Wilson is a veteran voice actor known for her roles in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Over the Hedge, and My Adventures with Superman.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 4 premiered on BET+ on May 23 and all episodes are now streaming on the service.

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