The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Leak Reveals Funkos For Sebastian Stan's & Anthony Mackie's Heroes

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Falcon left, Winter Soldier Right, Zemo Middle, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier title low middle

Slowly but surely the fans will get what they want. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was supposed to be Disney+'s first promised MCU gift to fans. The series was scheduled to release in August 2020 before it was delayed, and now it is still without an updated specific release date other than 2021.

So, as the Marvel Studios crew recently wrapped up production on the upcoming series, set photos have surfaced more frequently, showing characters such as Batroc, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. This has been all fans have had for months to keep themselves excited for the delayed series.

And even still, very few pictures exist that offer a good look at the characters in the upcoming series. But thanks to certain merchandising leaks, fans can still get a look at their favorite characters ahead of the project's release.

Just recently, this happened when a Funko figurine of Helmut Zemo from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier leaked online, giving fans the first clear, full look at Zemo's look for the upcoming series. And now it's happened again, with both title characters of the show.


In three leaked photos posted by @dis.pops on Instagram, fans can see the full outfits (and gadgetry) of the presumed three main characters of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Baron Zemo.

First, a full look at Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Baron Zemo can be seen in a clear picture posted by @dis.pops, of the backside of the figures' box. The Falcon and Winter Soldier figures are both in action positions, while the already-leaked Baron Zemo figure stands confidently with his hands at his hips.

Another post by the same user offers an out-of-box look at both Falcon and Baron Zemo, including the backside of both figures, as well as a close-up look at Falcon's remote-controlled sidekick, Redwing.

The third post offers a look at the packaging for the Falcon Funko figure, which includes the official title logo for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . The picture also details Falcon's costume and puts further emphasis on his use of Redwing.

The original owner of the images in some of these posts claims to have bought the Falcon and Baron Zemo figures from a local Hot Topic, despite Funko not yet officially announcing these for release.

The main takeaway for these leaks should be the crystal clear look at Falcon and Winter Soldier's costumes. The creativity of Falcon having the Redwing attachment is inspiring and should encourage fans that want to see more of Falcon's fun gadgetry in his upcoming Disney+ series.

Additionally, as pointed out when the Zemo figure initially released , his name on the box is "Baron Zemo." This name is comic-accurate to the character, but he has only gone by "Helmut Zemo" in the MCU thus far. This could hint at another step down the wrong path for Zemo in the Disney+ series, or it could promise that Marvel Studios will find ways to honor his comic origins as he returns to the screen.

What's also worth noting is the Winter Soldier figure being in what looks to be an attacking position - something fans have scarcely seen Bucky in since 2016's Captain America: Civil War . What's also interesting is the simple fact that he is named "Winter Soldier," rather than "Bucky," on the figure's box. Just as his name appears in the show's title, the name "Winter Soldier" still being used could point to an important element in the show. Could this be alluding to the possibility that Bucky might once again revert to his old ways before finding true redemption?

These are some of the best images of the show's characters to date, which will all finally be making their return when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier releases on Disney+ in 2021.

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March 19, 2021
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