The Creator Movie Includes a Secret Star Wars Cameo (Exclusive)

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John David Washington in The Creator, Star Wars logo, Jyn Erso from Rogue One

The new big sci-fi blockbuster epic, The Creator, contains a secret Star Wars cameo.

Before he chose to dive into the philosophical questions of AI, director Gareth Edwards helmed the Star Wars film Rogue One. The entry tends to be considered one of the fans' favorite big-screen installments in the franchise.

While there's lots to love about the project, one of the most beloved aspects was the introduction of Alan Tudyk's K-2SO. Despite not living to see the movie's end, the sassy, loveable droid made quite an impression on the fanbase.

The Creator Hid a Secret K-2SO Cameo

K-2SO from Rogue One
Star Wars

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, The Creator VFX Supervisor Jay Cooper and Onset VFX Supervisor Andrew Roberts revealed that there is a hidden Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cameo in the new sci-fi movie.

Cooper said that they do "have an Easter egg of K-2SO" but decided not to share its exact location just yet:

"... We have an Easter egg of K-2SO [from Star Wars: Rogue One] in the movie as well. But you know, you're gonna have to find that one on your own… It’s in there. I can circle it if I’m given the chance.”

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Creator.

The VFX Supervisor then revealed another detail in the movie that might be missed, which was a "shot of the robots carved into the wood" within the temple that Joshua visits with Alphie:

"When they're in the temple... [there is a] shot of the robots carved into the wood... That's one that I was like, oh, man, this is--even when we did, I was like, 'This is the coolest thing and no one's gonna see it.' It's a pretty big shot… [We filmed at the Sanctuary of Truth] in Thailand… And it was surrounded by, it looked like a parking lot. And it was not at the top of some mountain in Nepal, the way that we're presenting it in the movie."

Roberts jumped in to note that the scene was filmed at the Sanctuary of Truth in Thailand.

Cooper clarified that the moment in question happens "at the end of the movie where Alfie comes and finds Maya," and that it's something many audiences "probably won't see:"

"But that's at the end of the movie where Alfie comes and finds Maya, and she's plugged into all the tubes and things. But yeah, there's a shot in there of like the simulant culture being enmeshed into it. And I thought it was just the coolest look... it looks really neat in terms of the wooden rendering. Anyway, that's something you probably won't see..."

Where Rogue One Droid Will Pop up Next

It makes sense that one of Gareth Edwards' films would add a K-2SO cameo into The Creator, especially since the movie is all about robots and AI

Now, all fans need is for someone to see the movie and notice it. Hopefully, by the time it gets released digitally, someone will know which frame to screenshot and where to circle.

As exciting as this cameo is for fans of Alan Tudyk's droid, there's even better news: he will make his grand return in Andor Season 2, which takes place before Rogue One. The first season actually saw K-2SO's imperial model appear halfway through the season, but none of them were the droid himself.

It's unclear how K-2SO might play into the plot of Season 2 of Andor, but hopefully, he'll end up joining the show sooner rather than later.

The Creator is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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