The Chosen Season 3 TV Broadcast Premiere Release Date & Time Gets Announced

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The Chosen Jesus

The CW will air new episodes of The Chosen Season 3, making its premiere broadcast television debut.

The Chosen has garnered attention within Christian communities, possibly stemming from a shortage of high-quality Christian entertainment alternatives.

The pilot was released in 2017 but began its first season in 2019. The series has now released 24 episodes following the life and ministry of Jesus, focusing on the people who encountered and followed him in 1st-century Judaea and Galilee.

While the series has faced some critiques regarding its production and casting, it has been commended for its authenticity and influence on faith-oriented content.

The Chosen Season 3 CW Premiere Date

The Chosen Season 3
The Chosen

The Chosen Season 3 is set to premiere on The CW on Sunday, November 5 at 8:00 p.m. with Episode 301, followed by Episode 302 on November 12 at a time yet to be announced.

This marks the Season 3 broadcast television debut, as The Chosen had previously been exclusively accessible on streaming until The CW acquired the broadcasting rights in June 2023.

The 90-minute broadcast-TV premiere of The Chosen averaged 520,000 viewers on The CW, which is a significantly larger audience compared to shows like Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and The Rising, per TV Line.

The Chosen recently revealed the release plan for its fourth season, with the first three episodes premiering in theaters in North America from February 1 to February 14, 2024. The remaining Season 4 episodes will follow throughout February.

What Is The Chosen Season 3 About?

Thus far in Season 3 of The Chosen, the group returns to Capernaum, and the increasing popularity of Jesus creates tensions with various societal and political factions, including the Romans and the Pharisees. 

Following the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus sends his 12 apostles to preach and perform miracles without his direct presence, testing their abilities and faith.

Jesus' return to his hometown, Nazareth, marks a shift in his ministry. The season will continue following remarkable events, including Jesus miraculously feeding thousands and walking on water.

During the upcoming episodes, Jesus' message leads to an influx of followers, as well as more adversaries, while his devoted disciples are prepared to follow him unconditionally. 

However, various personal and political challenges are arising, with the Romans growing concerned and tensions escalating as pilgrims gather to see Jesus in Capernaum.

Jesus will dispatch the 12 apostles on a thrilling yet dangerous mission, which is prompting questions about healing from Little James.

The Chosen Season 3 premieres on November 5 on The CW.

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