Warner Bros. Announces New Teen Titans TV Spin-off Show

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Warner Bros. is set to push an important Teen Titans member into the forefront after announcing a new spin-off series featuring this character as the headliner.

After Max unceremoniously canceled Titans, it led to speculation on when fans will see the likes of Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy again in live-action. 

Despite that, the ongoing success of Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! promises a bright future for these characters in the animated world, and it looks like the fun is far from over. 

New Teen Titans Beast Boy Show Revealed

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Warner Bros. Discovery, Cartoon Network, and Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe, via Variety, announced a new Teen Titans spin-off show featuring Beast Boy as the main character. 

The show is called Beast Boy: Lone Wolf and it is confirmed to begin production next week (June 18 onwards). This marks the first time that a DC title will be made outside of the United Kingdom (UK). 

Directed by Elliot From Earth director Rhys Byfield, Beast Boy: Lone Wolf is made up of 10 shorts that will air on Cartoon Network EMEA. 

Hanna-Barbera Vice President Sarah Fell announced the series as having "just started."

During this year's Annecy International Animation Film Festival, concept art from the Beast Boy series was shown and it indicated that it will focus more on action instead of the wacky and comedic take on the character in Teen Titans Go!.

What Is the Story of Beast Boy’s Spin-off Series?

It's unknown if Beast Boy: Lone Wolf is set in the same universe as Teen Titans Go!, but the show's different animation style based on concept art shown at the Annecy Film Festival may indicate that it will be separate from the original series. 

Still, it could be considered as part of the Teen Titans Go! Multiverse, considering that the show already acknowledged the existence of alternate Earths

Given that the series will only consist of 10 shorts and would lean more into action, it's possible that Beast Boy: Lone Wolf will focus on the titular character saving people from different threats while also potentially teaming up with other DC heroes along the way. 

There's also a chance that the show could explore Beast Boy's time before joining the Teen Titans and it might end up revealing how he meets the other members for the first time. 

Beast Boy: Lone Wolf is confirmed to air on Cartoon Network, but it has no release date yet.

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