Sweet Tooth Confirms Purple Flowers' True Meaning In Season 3

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Christian Convery as Gus in Sweet Tooth, Purple Flowers in Sweet Tooth

Season 3 of Sweet Tooth finally revealed the true meaning behind the series' iconic purple flowers. 

Based on the DC Comics story of the same name, the fantastical Netflix series introduces audiences to a far-future world where a disease known as The Sick pushes humanity to the brink (learn more about The Sick here). 

However, with the emergence of this strange ailment also comes these bizarre half-human half-animal hybrid beings who are wrongfully being blamed for the mysterious disease.

What Are the Purple Flowers In Sweet Tooth?

A field of purple flowers in Sweet Tooth on Netflix

After years of wondering, fans finally know the meaning of the purple flowers as seen in Sweet Tooth

Since the start of the series, these purple buds have been seen growing in areas infected by the show's central virus known as The Sick. 

This was used as a sign for the characters and audience to know that those stricken with the malady were nearby (at least at some point).

In-universe, the purple flowers were believed to have caused the viral pandemic, making passersby fear the flamboyant fauna.

However, in Season 2, it was revealed the lily-like bulbs did not cause The Sick, as Adeel Akhtar's Dr. Aditya Singh did become infected and die upon entering a room filled with them. 

That is not to say they are entirely harmless though. They are shown to have hallucinogenic properties, causing visions for hybrids like the series' main character Gus (played by Christian Convery). 

Thacker in Sweet Tooth with a purple flower coming out of his chest

Season 3 further explores the origins of the flowers, finally pulling back the curtain on exactly where they come from. In Episode 5 of the series' final season, a flower emerges from Thacker's chest after he strikes a tree with his axe. 

This tree is said to be the origin of The Sick, proving that as Thacker became one of the first humans infected, the flower sprouted from within him. 

This means the purple flowers are not the cause of The Sick but an after-effect of the dangerous disease. 

Looking back at the rest of the series, this would make sense, seeing as the flowers were always seen in infected areas, indicating the remnants of a dead human that succumbed to the affliction. 

These flowers hold an even deeper meaning striking a chord at the heart of the Sweet Tooth story and its themes. 

The flowers themselves are a symbol of dead humans and represent what would happen to the world post-humanity. 

It cynically paints an image of the impact the human race has had on the Earth, showing that natural beauty would thrive without the existence of homo sapiens.

It sets up the idea that perhaps the Earth would be better off without humanity, leaving audiences with the idea that the death of civilization as it is known could ultimately be what is best for the planet itself. 

Sweet Tooth is streaming now on Netflix. 

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