Full Cast of Sweet Tooth Season 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Sweet Tooth Season 3 characters

The Expanse actress Cara Gee and Night Swim star Ayazhan Dalabayeva join the cast of Sweet Tooth Season 3. 

The show's final season on Netflix chronicles Gus and his friends' journey to Alaska as they continue their search for Gus' mother, Birdie. A dangerous villain, Helen Zhang, also emerges from the shadows looking to potentially disrupt the endgame for humanity and hybrids. 

Sweet Tooth Season 3 premiered on Netflix on June 6.

Every Main Cast Member of Sweet Tooth Season 3

Christian Convery - Gus/Sweet Tooth

Christian Convery as Gus in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Christian Convery

Christian Convery returns to lead the cast of Sweet Tooth Season 3 as Gus (aka Genetic Unit Series 1) one last time. His genes are a mix of a deer and human and he falls under the group of hybrids in the show's post-apocalyptic world. 

Gus has had his fair share of ups and downs, transforming from an innocent child to a fully-fledged leader. 

After defeating General Abbott in the Season 2 finale, Gus is ready to fulfill his mission to find his missing mother as he and his friends head to Alaska to find her. 

Convery has over 30 credits to his name, with roles as a young Sanji in Netflix's One Piece, Henry in Cocaine Bear, and Will in Playing with Fire

Amy Seimetz - Birdie

Amy Seimetz as Birdie in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Amy Seimetz

Amy Seimetz appears in Sweet Tooth Season 3 as Birdie, Gus' mother who has been off the grid because she is searching for the origin of the Sick (the virus that wiped out the majority of humans on Earth). 

Seimetz is known for her roles in Upstream Color, Pet Sematary, and The Girlfriend Experience.

Rosalind Chao - Helen Zhang

Rosalind Chao as Helen Zhang in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Rosalind Chao 

Bringing the overarching villain of Sweet Tooth Season 3, Helen Zhang, to life is Rosalind Chao.

Helen is a ruthless and menacing figure who wants to put an end to all hybrid children on Earth so that humans can become the dominant species once again. 

Helen also targets Gus because she believes that he holds the cure for the Sick. 

Chao recently appeared as Ye Wenjie in 3 Body Problem. The actress also appeared in Mulan, Better Things, and Freaky Friday.

Nonso Anozie - Jepperd

Nonso Anozie as Jepperd in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Nonso Anozie

Nonso Anozie is back as Jepperd, Gus' trusted guardian and best friend who will risk everything for his friend in the face of danger. 

He also serves as the voice of reason for the team throughout their journey. 

Anozie can be seen in Cinderella, The Last Legion, and Conan the Barbarian

Stefania LaVie Owen - Bear

Stefania LaVie Owen as Bear in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Stefania LaVie Owen 

Stefania LaVie Owen stars as Bear, Wendy's biological sister who joins Gus in his quest to find her mother while also looking out for her sister. 

Bear is also the leader of the Animal Army, a group dedicated to saving the hybrids. 

Owen previously appeared in Krampus, The Lovely Bones, and Paper Spiders.

Adeel Akhtar - Dr. Aditya Singh

Adeel Akhtar as Dr. Aditya Singh in Sweet Tooth Season 2
Adeel Akhtar

Dr. Aditya Singh (played by Adeel Akhtar) is the unexpected fifth member of Gus' group who tags along in their journey to unpack the origins of the Sick. 

Singh is clearly obsessed with finding the truth of the origins and the potential cure, which eventually leads to him switching sides at a pivotal moment of Season 3. 

Singh even goes too far in trying to sacrifice Gus after assuming that the child is the cure to the virus. 

Akhtar's notable credits include Fool Me Once, Enola Holmes, and The Big Sick

Naledi Murray - Wendy

Naledi Murray as Wendy in Sweet Tooth Season 2
Naledi Murray

Wendy is a half-pig and half-human who is part of Team Gus in Sweet Tooth Season 3. The character is played on-screen by Naledi Murray. 

Wendy works side by side with Gus throughout their journey to Alaska and she often supports him with the decisions he makes for the rest of the team. 

Murray has credits in The Undoing, Tommy, and Seven Seconds.

Cara Gee - Siana

Cara Gee as Siana in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Cara Gee

Cara Gee's Siana is Birdie's longtime and trusted ally who tracks down Gus so that she can reunite him with his mother. 

Siana is instrumental in the mother/son reunion of Gus and Birdie as she is the one who informs Gus about his mom's whereabouts in Season 3.

Gee is perhaps best known for her role as Camina Drummer in The Expanse. The actress also starred in Empire of Dirt, Strange Empire, and Red Rover.

Ayazhan Dalabayeva - Nuka

Ayazhan Dalabayeva as Nuka in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Ayazhan Dalabayeva

Ayazhan Dalabayeva joins the world of Sweet Tooth as Nuka, Siana's human-wolf hybrid daughter who helps her mother track down Gus in Alaska. 

Dalabayeva recently starred as Rebecca in Blumhouse's Night Swim. The actress can also be seen in Miracle Workers and Instant Noodle.

Kelly Marie Tran - Rosie

Kelly Marie Tran as Rosie in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran brings Rosie to life in Sweet Tooth Season 3.

Rosie is Helen Zhao's daughter who unleashes her sons, the Wolf Boys, toward Gus and his allies to prevent them from finding his mother. 

Tran's most recognizable role is playing Rose Tico in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. The actress also has credits in Raya and the Last Dragon, Monsterland, and Passenger List.

James Brolin - The Narrator

James Brolin as Older Gus in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
James Brolin

James Brolin has been the voice of the narrator of Sweet Tooth ever since Season 1. 

At the end of Season 3, it is eventually revealed that the narrator is actually the older version of Gus. 

James Brolin is the father of Josh Brolin. As an actor, he is known for his roles in Traffic, The Amityville Horror, and Westworld.

Louise Jiang - Ginger

Louise Jiang as Ginger in Sweet Tooth Season 3, Episode 1
Louise Jiang 

Louise Jiang is part of Season 3's cast as Ginger, Helen Zhang's pregnant daughter whom she favors over Rosie. 

Jiang can be seen in Wellington Paranormal and Far North

All episodes of Sweet Tooth Season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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