The Gentlemen Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Theo James

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The Gentlemen star Theo James updated fans of his new Netflix show on the possibility of a second season.

The story of the Guy Ritchie series sees Theo James' Eddie Horniman inherit an estate that, unknowing to him, also gives him ownership of a massive weed empire with the London gang.

Like most of Richie's work, the show is crazy, gruesome, and action-packed. With Season 1 now complete, fans are already itching to see the story continue, but Netflix has not yet renewed the project.

Theo James Offers Update on Season 2

Theo James as Eddie in The Gentlemen

Theo James, the headlining star of Netflix's The Gentlemen, offered a hopeful update on the possible release of a Season 2 for the series.

While speaking with Deadline, James first explained how everyone "had a great time" making it and that they weren't completely sure about how it was going to be received:

"We had a great time, and I think there's some excitement around it, which I'm very happy about. I feel very grateful for it because you never know how something's going to be received, honestly."

He admitted how he has "no doubt that there's an ability" for the creatives behind the scenes to find a Season 2 story worth telling:

"I think the challenge with The Gentlemen, and I think there's a version of more story to tell in the comedic Corleone family model, right? Because that was always what Guy [Ritchie], and I, and the rest of us talked about: you have Fredo, you have Eddie, you have a nod to one of the greatest stories of all time. But I think if you're going to do it again, you need a really strong throughline, you need a strong story. Because if you do it again and it's kind of just fun, wacky tricks, it'll be fun, but I think you need a place to drive towards. And I think that will be the challenge coming up with that. But I have no doubt that there's an ability to do that."

James later elaborated on the ways in which a second season could shake up the formula in another interview with Deadline, potentially moving away from Halstead Manor or the UK altogether:

"Season 2 was never discussed when we shot it, but I think if you enter this world again, the important thing is it has to be different from Season 1. Season 1 is where we introduce the characters to the world, then there’s a backbone of story and there’s hijinks within that. If you continue in the same realm with the hijinks thing, I think you worry that you detract from some of the first season and it doesn’t build, and some of the storylines become a bit meaningless. So, I think if you do it again, it needs potentially to move out of Halstead Manor, it potentially would move out of Britain as well for some of it."

The actor also touched on where he thinks Eddie should head, teasing that he would need to "be fully corrupted" in a potential Season 2:

"For me, again, you never emulate it because it’s one of the best films of all time, but the idea of The Godfather, that his soul is properly darkened, and me and Guy always had a little bit of a debate with this. I wanted, even in the first season, for Eddie to be a little darker than he is at the very end. But I’d say if they’re going to go there again, Eddie particularly needs to go into the mouth of the devil and he needs to be fully corrupted and as a result, the others around him don’t recognize the man he’s become."

In a separate interview with Deadline, Miramax TV Head Marc Helwig revealed that they "have started [the] process" of brainstorming for a potential Season 2, even though a renewal still has not been offered by Netflix:

“We have started that process... There are some writers we’ve talked to, and there are certainly lots of discussions with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season and what things to focus on.”

Helwig did mention how the first season "has to perform" for the show to get more episodes:

" [The first season] has to perform, and then we’ll know more... but it’s been an active ongoing discussion already what a second season would be... “[Its success could] spawn some kind of a universe, a Guy Ritchie world."

In April, during a discussion with Forbes, James' update on the matter wasn't so positive.

The actor said that a Season 2 "wasn't genuinely discussed" with him and that he feels the "wrangling process" to get the whole cast together might be a difficult roadblock to get past:

"It wasn't genuinely discussed... I think it would be a wrangling process with all of us and Guy. But also, I think with a show like this, if you're going to do more, you need to come up with a really interesting conceit for Season 2. Because as much as we enjoyed it and as fun as it was, it needs narrative drive... But I think before that there needs to be discussions, as it were."

What Can Fans Expect From Season 2 of The Gentlemen?

Season 1 of The Gentlemen ended with Theo James' Eddie deciding to double down on his new life of crime instead of dropping out. This leads him to go into business with Kaya Scodelario's Susie Glass and keep his weed empire.

This seems like the perfect setup for the story to continue with a new status quo, as James' perspective on everything has shifted. However, it could also make for a decent ending.

If there is more story to be told, Stanley Johnston (Giancarlo Esposito) and Bobby (Ray Winstone) are undoubtedly up to no good as they're locked up in prison together. Those two being cell block mates, or anything close, can't possibly be good for Eddie.

Hopefully, Netflix will be kind enough to offer an update on The Gentlemen's renewal status sooner rather than later.

The Gentleman is now streaming on Netflix.

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